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    Hi, how do you guys prevent your emails from going into spam? I’m having trouble with most of my email notification (e.g. order notification to vendors, order notification to buyers, etc.) gone into spam/junk folder of the reciepent.
    This is especially trouble when involving order notification to vendor. I have some vendors who only knows about their order after I contact them direcly through phone, and they reported that the email went to the junk/spam folder of their email.
    My score at mail-tester.com seems good.
    So, any tips to share?

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    You may want to consider installing a SMTP plugin to route traffic through your SMTP server (if it is not also your webserver). This also ensures mail is being sent from an email account that exists on your server (in case the spam filter checks that).
    WooCommerce and WC Vendors emails are actually sent by using the wp_mail() function that is a core function of WordPress. Often this looks suspiciously like spam to some email configurations- especially those that are set at high-powered spam detection.

    I recommend Postman SMTP plugin POSTMAN SMTP for mail- a great plugin – it has helped with issues I had for both incoming and outgoing emails for my site, since I use Google Apps(formerly Google for Work) email for my .com email.

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    I’m actually using POSTMAN SMTP for my site. But still some of the emails are going to spam. There’s a probability also that my email webserver is the issue since i set up my own webserver on a VPS using mail-in-a-box.

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    As an alternative to an smtp plugin.
    There are also some 3rd party marketing email plugins you could use – mailjet & sendinblue both of which offer a free amount of emails per month which include sending transactional emails. The mail is handled through their servers.

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    Yeah, i’m using sendgrid right now. For now, it seems my emails aren’t goint into spam anymore with it. The thing i love about sendgrid is that i can track not only email sent or not, i can also track the receipent opening the email.

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    Dont forget to check your mail servers IP against blacklists. What’s a blacklist? Google. How can I check my IP against a blacklist? Google that too. 🙂 If you’re on a blacklist, it’s probably from whoever had the IP before you, or from someone also on the same IP such as how GoDaddy has thousands of websites on a single IP.

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