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    Site is in testing phase on a local host.

    1) Under My Account -> Registration, I do not have a checkbox for “Apply to become a Vendor?”. However, after a person registers and is logged in, the checkbox is available under Vendor Dashboard.

    2) I have a Pending Vendor, but I do not have the Approve or Deny options available to me on the Users page. I know I can change the role to vendor, but my understanding is that the approve button will send the email notification of the approval. Without the Approve/Deny, no email is being sent.


    1, The checkbox issue just started following our WC Vendors 1.9.9 update and WooCommerce’s 3.0.1 update. This is an open and known issue that we are working to correct. We’ll have a fix soon!
    2. To see the approve or deny options.. click on the pending vendor link at the top of the page:

    For the emails..
    When admin approves a pending vendor- one method of approval will send an email, the other will not send an email notification:

    1.) Email: wp-admin > users > pending vendors > hover over vendor and click Approve. Email fires.

    2.) No email: wp-admin > users > edit user > change role to vendor, update. No email.


    Thank you for your response. Your suggestion worked perfectly. I eagerly await the fix for the check box.

    Thanks again.


    The checkbox issue has been corrected and the fix applied in this minor release, v1.9.10
    If you update WC Vendors then the issue should be resolved.


    Thank you very much!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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