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    I need some help. I’m using your Plugin and the Professional Version of AffiliateWP.

    Now I would like to pay the Affiliates a comission if one of their referalls sells a product. So not only the seller (vendor) should get a comission of the woocommerce product purchase. Also his affiliate should get a comission.

    Could you help me how to implement this?

    Thank you very much.

    Best Regards.

    WC Vendors Support

    If you want both the vendor to receive a commission, and the affiliate to receive a commission, isn’t that what both our plugins do? AffiliateWP would pay the affiliate commission however you have it configured, and WC Vendors would pay the vendor their product commission. If not, what’s the problem with it?


    Hello Ben,

    thank you for your quick response. Yes, these are the basic features each of the two plugin do. But now I want to pay an affiliate comission if an vendor gets a selling comission.

    So at the moment I can pay my affiliates a comission if one of their referrals will buy a product.

    But I also want to pay my affiliates a comission if one of their referrals sold a product.

    I hope this explaination helps to understand my problem.

    WC Vendors Support

    So you only want to pay a commission with AffiliateWP if a Vendor *ALSO* gets a commission?

    I’m not sure I fully understand what you wrote, you might need to clarify it more…….


    Okay please let me explain it a bit more with an example.

    On my page I’ve got three different users.

    “Person A”: He is an affiliate
    “Person B”: is a vendor, he sells products on my website. He is referred by Person A.
    “Person C”: He is a normal user which can buy products on my website.

    Until now I got these two options on paying comissions:

    (1) Person B buys a product. As the affiliate Person A gets an comission (via AffiliateWP)
    (2) Person C buys a product from person B: As the vendor Person B gets a comission (via WCVendors)

    But now I would like to extend option (2) as follows:

    (Extended Option 2): Person C buys a product from Person B: As the vendor Person B gets an comission (via WCVendors) *AND* Person A gets a comission because Person B sold a product.

    I hope this example helps you to understand my wish.

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    • This reply was modified 6 years, 10 months ago by adzureus.
    WC Vendors Support

    Aaah, I see what you are after. Thank you for the explanation.

    There is currently no known way to allow affiliates to refer Vendors to your store and pay affiliates for vendor sales. AffiliateWP could probably code this in, based on looking at the product sold and whether or not the Vendor was referred to the site by an affiliate. Product authors are the vendors, so they should be able to code this into their affiliate software. I would ask them if there’s a way to do this, and if not, if they could write it for you. If they give any advice or need any help let me know.



    Okay thank you very much for your help. I also wrote AffiliateWP my question so I hope they could help me. But many thanks for your answer because it helped me – so maybe I could program it on my own and create a new plugin out of it which extends both: your plugin and affiliateWP.

    If I got any more questions I will contact you but thank you for your helpful and fast answers.

    Best Regards.


    Hi Adzureus,

    I have the same issue as yourself. I would like to pay a comission to vendors (1) that refer other vendors (2), and the vendors 2 make sales. I am thinking to use AffiliateWP, I saw they have 3rd party add-ons to have a second tier of affiliates.

    Did you managed that on you multi-vendor site?



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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