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    I’m Adam and quite new to woocommerce and your plugin Vendors. I have 3 questions at the moment that I cant figure out myself. Hope you can help me out!

    1. I’d like to ask if there’s a way with the free version of WC Vendors to have vendor dashboard that is usable by vendors not familiar with wordpress? I mean the basic vendor dashboard is a bit frightening for people not familiar with IT.

    If its available only in the quite expensive Pro version, is there a demo version to check it out and test it before buying?

    2. An other question that might not be fully your competence but WooCommerce’s, but maybe you can advise me about this matter: I’d like to make attributes mandatory to fill in (maybe a checkbox to attributes if it is mandatory or not). As per now I can only select and add attributes to a product one by one and it lets me leave out what I dont want to fill in.

    3. Is there a way to define what information a registrant had to fill in to register or to become a vendor? Now on the registration page there’s only Username, Email and password and a checkbox to become a vendor.

    Thank you very much!



    • This topic was modified 7 years, 4 months ago by Adam.

    Hi Adam

    1) I use WC Vendors Free exclusively from the frontend. It has a front end dashboard out of the box, the only thing the front end dashboard does not do is add products from the front end. For that you will need a supporting plugin in, One plugin that works well is WPUF Pro here is a tutorial Link Here. WC Vendors Free is highly customisable with a bit of custom code.

    That said WC Vendors Pro brings the full suite of WP Dashboard functionality to the front end, including Coupons and Product Uploads.

    2) The above plugin WPUF Pro does exactly what you want, another plugin is Formidable Pro, they allow you to setup each product with default attributes and required attributes so that when a user uploads a product from the front end it has all the settings setup by default and you can set some attributes that the user has to fill in i.e price, title, and your own custom product attributes i.e. color etc. I don’t know if WC Vendors Pro will do this out of the box, If i did I would have helped you with that.

    3) For this I use formidable pro (Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms etc will also do) These plugins have custom registration form builders that allow you to create a custom vendor registration form with all the fields you need, once done you want to change the user role of the person who has submitted the form to pending vendor. Again, I don’t know if WC Vendors Pro will do this out of the box, If i did I would have helped you with that.

    While my answers appear somewhat complicated, there are plenty of ways to achieve the same things you have requested with WC Vendors which makes it a very powerful extension. I am sure more people will chime in with their own solutions. But in short I have made WC Vendors Free achieve all of the above. That said, I recomend you get WC Vendors Pro as it simplifies a lot of what you want a great deal.

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    WC Vendors Support

    As tafmakura has indicated, you can do anything! 🙂 WPUF is an OK plugin. It’s buggy, but it works, you just have to tweak the hell out of things. But it only supports limited things, whereas WC Vendors Pro gives you all the toys to play with on the front end. It’s much more integrated, and just a smooth sailing way to play. In addition, Pro adds a wealth of other features. Makes WPUF a waste of $50, really. If WPUF was a perfect front end product adder, we wouldnt have had to write our own. 🙂 No need to duplicate workloads!

    2.) You can do this with Pro by simply validating the field before product is added. 🙂

    3.) Yup, you can do this with Pro, too! 🙂


    Thank you both for your help!

    Dear Ben, could you please explain what this exactly means? “simply validating the field before product is added”.

    I already managed to satisfy some of my needs, now it is the most essential problem that when someone registered on my marketplace wants to upload his product (we only deal with only one specific product) a fixed variation of pre-defined attributes should appear and they should be mandatory to fill in!

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.



    Validating a field simply put is making sure that the data entered in a form field is valid before it is accepted. Whenever you enter a space in a username field and you are told that spaces are not allowed or whenever you leave a required field blank and you are told to enter a value in that field before the form can be submitted that is field validation. You can do this with your WC Vendors forms. Here is more info in the wordpress codex https://codex.wordpress.org/Validating_Sanitizing_and_Escaping_User_Data (a good place to start)


    Hi guys,

    I purchased PRO when I found this thread and noted that we could validate that attributes are added before a product is added (point 2 of original poster), as that is exactly what I needed. I’m posting my inquiry here because it’s this exact issue, although I know this thread’s quite dead.

    So after going through numerous forum posts for similar functions, I found the “How to make a field required in WC Vendors Pro” code in knowledge base. I went through class-wcvendors-pro-product-form.php and saw that the attributes portion has been deprecated. Since it now outputs a Woocommerce attributes selects (no idea what it means. I assume it’s the dropdown menu in product edit page), I went to find the woocommerce attributes filter to plug in the code. However I can’t find any such “woocommerce attributes filter” to plug the code into.

    I have a suspicion that the attributes selects is not really a custom field and in that case, I really don’t know what is my next step.

    Hoping to have someone point me in the right direction! And since this is my first post, please let me know if I’ve not posted enough details/posted in the wrong place/should create a new thread/this is customisation, not support. I’ll improve in the future. 🙂



    This is currently not possible but I’ve added an issue to make this possible in a future release.




    Oh no. I had the assumption it was possible from Ben’s reply to the original poster.

    Guess I should’ve asked from the start. Haha! It’s alright, hope to see this feature in the future release!

    Looking forward!

    Thanks Jamie,



    Hello there, I’m also new here cause I’m considering purchasing your great plugin and I have a question regarding point nr 2.
    Is there any update on making certain product attributes required? It would be great if this feature was available. If not, is there any chance to achieve with some hooks/filters?

    Thanks in advance

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