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    Hi Guys,

    Please help me in this cases:
    1. I would like notify vendor immediately about new order. How can I set to vendor get notification about new order automatically?

    2. Another question: How can I display vendor’s bank details on customer order email instead of general bank account of the shop. I would like customers transfer directly to vendors not to admin.

    Thank you for your help!

    WC Vendors Support

    1.) By enabling the “Notify Vendor” email. wp-admin > WooCommerce > Settings > Emails > Notify Vendor [X] Enable.

    2.) You’d have to do some PHP to get this to work. Start by creating a custom field on the Vendor Dashboard > Shop Settings page and then modify the customer order email template to pull that instead. Fair amount of work here, that’s for sure. 🙂


    Hello Ben,

    Thanks for reply.

    1. I’ve enabled ‘Notify Vendor’ in Emails section, but it’s not auto-email, as I know I should do it for each product. Is there a method to sned it automatically when a new order submitted?

    2. Sounds hard, I’ll try it, but creating websites is my hobby not my profession… so I’m not sure it will succeed.

    Thanks a lot!

    WC Vendors Support

    Hi Janka,

    If the Notify Vendors is enabled (which it is by default) and you arent getting emails, chances are you’re using some @yahoo or @gmail or some not-your-domain based email address and the messages arent getting through because they arent authenticated and look spoofed/fake.

    Use a @yourdomain.com email address when sending email from http://www.yourdomain.com 🙂

    Or, you can use any WordPress SMTP plugin that allows authentication and then send as you like.




    HI Ben,

    Unfortunately it’s not working properly. I’m using my @domain email address. And I still not get Notify Vendor emails only if I resend it in options panel in order admin page.

    Do You have any idea what could be wrong?

    Thank you!!

    WC Vendors Support

    Hi @janka

    I tested on our development server and on my live sites, and the mail comes through without problems.

    What payment gateway are you using? Are you just testing out transactions? Or is this a live website?


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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