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    I’m having trouble getting the vendors’ shops to display. It’s coming up with a 404 error everytime. I’ve tried all the suggestions I’ve found on the knowledge base – saving permalinks again, changing permalinks from default to something else.

    One thing I’ve noticed is that I try to change the product permalink base to ‘shop base with category’ as suggested, then save, but when I come back it always has ‘custom base’ selected. Not sure if it’s reverting or if it’s sticking to ‘shop base with category’ anyway.

    Anything else I may be missing? I couldn’t find any instructions specifically, step-by-step, detailing how to set up vendor shops to function from the back-end, so it might be that that I’ve missed something basic out.

    Any help would be much appreciated!


    WC Vendors Support

    404! That’s fun. 🙂 The Permalinks, as long as they are not “Default” will be fine. My stores show “Custom” even though I choose Shop Base and Category, too.

    Add a test vendor. Add a test product. Assign that product to the test vendor. View the product. Where it shows “Sold by:” will be a link to that vendors store. Does that work?


    Hey ben,

    Thanks for getting back to me!

    This worked… but only kind of! The shop was showing up when I did what you said, showing up as ‘test home copy’ (I had the username as test). But then I signed in as the test vendor and changed ‘shop name’ to ‘tester shop’, and it starts coming up with 404 error again.

    So I went back and deleted the shop name so it was blank, saved, but it still comes up with 404 error. It is trying to go to the same tester shop address (it isn’t reverting back to the /test home copy one, it’s going to the new shop name I created).

    Then, for fun, I went back and made the shop name ‘test home copy’ (what it defaulted to), and it works, as it goes to the default address that it created. If I change the shop name to just ‘test’ and save, it also works, but sends me to ‘test home copy’. ‘Test home’ also works, sending me to ‘test home copy’. ‘Home copy’ goes back to 404 error. ‘Test copy’ also has 404 error.

    ‘Home’ as the shop name sends me to the website home, not a shop – I’m guessing this one is a result of how it generates the address.

    So it seems that some variations of ‘test home copy’ will work, but send me to the ‘test home copy’ address. Anything else gives me 404 error. Home sends me to the website home, not a shop page called ‘home’.

    Hope that wasn’t too much needless info. Any idea what might be going wrong here?

    Thanks again,


    WC Vendors Support

    This is one of the more unique situations I’ve seen here. Could you tell me:

    WooCommerce Version
    WC Vendors Version
    WordPress Version

    wp-admin->WooCommerce->System Status — See anything in red text?

    What other plugins are installed? (My next reply will be to disable all plugins except WC Vendors and WooCommerce and see if the problem persists).



    WC version 2.3.7
    WP version 4.1.1
    WC Vendors version 1.5.0

    WP memory limit is the only thing in red: at 40mb and recommending at least 64mb

    List of active plugins:

    Contact Form 7 by Takayuki Miyoshi – 4.1.1
    Envato WordPress Toolkit by Envato – 1.7.2
    WPBakery Visual Composer by Michael M – WPBakery.com – 4.4.3
    MailChimp for WordPress Lite by Danny van Kooten – 2.2.8
    MailChimp Sync by Danny van Kooten – 0.1.2
    Social Login by OneAll – 4.6
    PayPal for WooCommerce by Angell EYE –
    Revolution Slider by ThemePunch – 4.6.5
    Responsive WordPress Slider – Soliloquy Lite by Thomas Griffin – 2.2.2
    WC Vendors by WC Vendors – 1.5.0
    WooCommerce Header Category Image by Get Bowtied – 1.0.0
    WooCommerce by WooThemes – 2.3.7
    WordPress Importer by wordpressdotorg – 0.6.1
    YITH WooCommerce Wishlist by Yithemes – 2.0.5

    I tried this a few weeks ago before many of these plugins were installed and was getting the same problem. Should I go ahead and disable everything and except wcvendors and woocommerce or is there something else that stands out?

    One question though: will disabling these plugins remove any of their settings/set-up? Will re-activating them bring the settings back?

    This is my first attempting at setting up a wordpress site so just about everything is new to me!



    WC Vendors Support

    Thanks Mike. Nothing really stands out as a problem.

    Go ahead and disable all plugins but WC Vendors and WooCommerce, and test. Disabling a plugin will not remove or change their settings. If everything works perfectly after disabling the other plugins, re-enable them one by one and find out which plugin is causing you the headaches. It’s a lot easier to do than it sounds. 🙂 🙂



    No success!

    Everything disabled but WCV and WC. I went back and saved permalinks again, then tried the shop pages – same process and same results (test home copy variations send to ‘test home copy’ page – anything else does not work).

    Any ideas?

    Thanks again,


    WC Vendors Support

    Aah, that was easy.

    wp-admin->WooCommerce->WC Vendors

    See the field that says “vendors/” in it? You didn’t have a slug set in there. It was empty. Without that there, your website has no idea where to put vendors shop pages.

    Now you can go to /vendors/tester2/ to view the test users store. (and of course, /vendors/test/ also works, it’s their username or their store name, both always work).

    Whenever you have a funky problem, look through the options settings compared to the setup guide in our KnowledgeBase area. 🙂

    Feel free to re-enable your plugins again now, too!



    Nice! All good and working. I remember not being sure what to put into that field when I was setting it up – my bad!

    Thanks heaps Ben!


    WC Vendors Support

    That field is “vendors/” by default. Somehow you must have deleted it! 🙂 No worries though, simple fix. I’m glad your site is on the road to recovery. 😉


    Yes I did! I got confused by the e.g. given underneath, and was thinking it would simplify the address – obviously was not aware of what I was doing.

    Thanks again for your help.

    Vipin Kumar

    @ben, i tried the ones mentioned above and also checked the KB article for setting permalink. Still i am getting a 404 error on vendor shop click.

    Please guide.

    Best Regards
    Peeyoosh Kumar

    WC Vendors Support

    Peeyoosh happy to help, but not in threadbox’s support thread. Start your own. 😉

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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