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    I tested on two different vendors account. The 1st vendor had no stripe account. She clicked on the “Connect to Stripe” button and it redirected her to fill out the application for Stripe. Once she authorized everything and went back to her Pro Dashboard, the settings was still asking her to connect to Stripe. Before I went back to the pro-dashboard I got a strange message (looks like the code isn’t complete or something). Check image attached.

    I tried with a 2nd vendors account. I already had a separate Stripe account and proceeding to do the same as before. I clicked the button and was redirected to Stripe to fill out the application. Instead of filling it out I clicked that I already had an account. I signed in and got redirected to here:

    It says This page can’t be displayed

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    After looking at it this morning (from last night) it still says that the account is not connected in the Pro Dashboard. But, on my Stripe (Main) account it shows that the vendor is connected. Why isn’t is showing up on the pro dashboard?

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    I’m sorry for posting so much. I just want to make sure you know everything. I’ve recorded what I’ve been experiencing using Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. I tried connecting an acct and was unsuccessful. I checked into the Stripe dashboard and cannot see the connected account. It worked only once so way somehow (last night), but i deleted the connected account and re-tried it. Still no luck

    Here’s the video



    Are you still having this issue?
    You may have a plugin disrupting the OAuth.
    Please try deactivating all plugins except woocommerce, wc vendors, wc vendors pro and the wc vendors stripe gateway & commissions plugin and test to see if the issue is still occurring.


    Megan Theodoro

    I am having the exact same issue, can someone please assist in getting this resolved?



    Please keep all future replies in regards to your Stripe question here:
    There is no need to keep pinging the OP with new replies, as your issue is likely unique. There is also no need to open multiple threads/replies in regards to your issue.


    My first vendor had the same problem as Fabian. They sent me a screen shot that looks just like his screen shot. I looked at my Stripe dashboard for the connected accounts, and didn’t see any. I am sure I must be doing something wrong. Any ideas or links to documentation that I apparently missed? BTW I signed up for stripe last week, placed an order, received ACK from Stripe, and a message that the first deposit will take up to a week to show up in our bank account. My vendor is just as confused as I.




    Hi All,

    I’m having an issue with this as well (same as what OP described… Stripe redirects my Vendor to some crazy screen – see image).

    Any thoughts on what the cause might be / how to fix?

    Thank you!



    Disregard. I did not have a redirect URL set for the “Production” field in my Stripe settings. That fixed it.

    Thanks! 🙂

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