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    Hi Guys, great work on the plugin. Looking good.

    Have just spotted one issue…

    When a vendor gets a “new customer order” email there is a warning message that appears saying…

    Warning: strstr() expects paramater 1 to be a string, array given /WCVendors/classes/class-shipping.php on line 67

    Any idea how to fix it, thanks


    Hi Don,

    I thought I fixed this bug before releasing. What shipping module are you using?

    In order to help me better understand your environment can you give me the following information please?

    Versions of

    WC Vendors
    Shipping Modules


    Hi Jamie,

    Wordpress – Latest version
    Wocommerce – Latest version
    WCVendors – Your new plugin (assume that is the latest version available for download)
    Shipping Modules – I’m only using free shipping is that the info you need?




    I have the same issue and I’m running the same as @donpeters



    I’m working on this issue and will get back to you when its fixed. It’s to do with how WooCommerce stores its shipping information in versions 2.1 and above.



    Sounds good sir!

    I’m going to do a work around in the meantime. Thank you


    I have me emails working now – No errors. Running WordPress 3.9 – But the emails are stating commission for the vendor instead of the site owner. Am I missing something here?


    The commissions should state for the vendor, as it’s a vendor notification email. Working as intended. 🙂


    Ok – my err on the understanding.

    To edit the Vendor email to include the items such as the order, can this be done? Ideally it would be nice for both the Vendor & the site owner to get the same email.


    You could edit the email templates in any way you see fit. WooCommerce / Settings / Emails and then select which email template you wish to edit, and have at it! 🙂

    By default, you already get the New Order email notification with a total of everything the purchaser bought. WC Vendors sends the New Vendor Order email out which goes to the vendor, and in it contains the items purchased from the vendors store and not the entire order, only items from their particular store.

    If you want to be copied, as admin, on ALL order emails sent for all notifications, open your themes functions.php and add this:

    /* Copy this email address on all WooCommerce Emails Sent */
    add_filter('woocommerce_email_headers', 'woo_cc_emails' );
    function woo_cc_emails() {
    return 'Bcc: youremail@yourdomain.com' . "\r\n";


    Sounds good – The vendor ideally should get the email of the full order, they are the one selling the items. Again – just a point of view. Yes they can go online and see the entire order; but it would be nice for the vendor to see the full order instead of site owner. As the site owner, I’d be happy with seeing what I’m seeing now + having the same email sent to the vendor, just a suggestion.


    If you have multiple vendors on your site, which pretty much everyone does, and John Doe buys one product from each of them, why would you want to bog your vendor down with notifications of sales of products that vendor didnt even sell?

    Can you imagine getting an email every time someone bought OTHER peoples items from ebay? 🙂 Or every time you sold a product on Amazon, you see the customers ENTIRE order of all the other stuff they bought in that order from other stores and amazons main site? Good luck figuring which items you sold each time! It’s a nightmare waiting to happen. 🙂

    With WC Vendors, the vendors see what the person bought from *their store* only. Not what was bought from other stores in the same purchase.

    You might check with your vendors and see if they agree! 🙂

    If you truly wanted to copy the vendor on the full email, you’d have to edit the plugins email routines to remove the vendor calculations and basically spit out the order in full to them. Since this goes against what the plugin was intended to do, I cant do the modifications for you, it’d be custom programming work if you’d like us to do it.



    I’m not wanting to share anything with others. I just want to provide the same notification I get for that particular vendor. Meaning the current notification only includes a commission amount and the item for the vendor. The site owner gets the full detail from tax to shipping. I feel the same template being used for the admin should be used for vendors or at least that option. I have vendors asking for the same details.

    As for the vendor only seeing their sales, that’s not working in the back end with the sweet graphs. But yes the front end works.


    The reports is a bug we’ll have fixed for an upcoming release. We’ve got you covered on that one. 🙂

    For the vendor emails, you could hook into it and show the full totals, it just requires some custom work.

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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