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    How WCvendors Pro will be different from Dokan Pro ?
    How it will be better than Dokan pro ?
    What new and additional features we will get as WCVendors Pro ?


    Hi, this question has been asked before in one form or the other.

    This should answer you in some way

    Or this

    and this

    even this

    You’d be surprised what you find by searching this forum 😉

    WC Vendors Support

    Even if you ignore the entire feature set — One thing you never get with any WeDevs product — is support. Go to their forum. Look at their support section. And look at all the unanswered threads and threads that take them weeks or months to get fixed. I purchased, and used, their front end pro product before, and getting support from them was a nightmare at best.

    When you see the preview for WC Vendors Pro and the demo, you’ll be pretty damn impressed. 😉 It’s FAST as hell, easy to use, and beautiful. You’d be hard pressed to find a better multi vendor plugin or even remotely comparable.


    Is there a like button on this page. 😀

    I second on the support. I am a newbee to wordpress dev. My career is inclined towards Microsoft Dynamics AX Dev however having the start up bug as they call it, I decided to launch and introduce Fiji to eCommerce. My first approach was Magento with a few plugins however it was a nightmare both from coding and support perspective. We shortly moved to our path to wordpress and came across a few other plugins which again was more or less of the same until we landed on WCVendors. You will be truly amazed on the support not to mention the quality of code provided is more than easy to understand and is much of a copy and paste with little modification in most places to include new functionality.

    WC Vendors Support

    Thanks @mlodhia 😉


    I 2nd @mlodhia’s response. I’ve used OpenCart and Magento and both have their downsides. Getting a vendor solution up and running was tedious, expensive, and just overall a big pain in the ass! I’ve tried other vendor plugins for WordPress like IgniteWoo’s Vendor Stores and one other (I forget the name) and WC Vendors is just exactly what I was looking for. The code is clean and easy to follow and extend on. Support is awesome. And the whole program just works.

    +1 from me


    Do NOT use Dokan.
    Just…. Don’t. I speak from experience. I speak little, too, because trying to describe the expense and frustration I experienced while attempting to use Dokan causes flames to erupt from the sides of my head.


    @Anna – I registered a forum account here just to ask you to go into more detail about your experience with Dokan as it would be incredibly useful for every other googler coming here trying to make up her mind about which route to take setting up a Marketplace.. Iknow it’s painful but for the needs of the many we implore you to dig deep 🙂


    Don’t use Dokan — we asked them for a custom plugin that would work for us. They charged us multiple thousands of $$ for it and were never able to deliver. Even though they promised a partial refund they never did. A bunch of crooks in my book.

    mohamed lotfi

    i have to say that ive dealt with wedevs as well, for erp plugin and was working fine, some of their plugins are overpriced for sure, and when there was a bug i felt like i was talking to a robot whos not speaking english, it changed when i left a bad review in facebook n google, and someone contacted me on slype n fixed everything, of course they asked me to change everything n put a good one but im not gonna of course

    im interessted in getting the pro verison of wc vendor as in its compatible with hanfdy theme, but how much is this article is true ? https://wedevs.com/74505/dokan-vs-wc-vendor-pro-which-should-you-buy/

    and are they are any addons or more features coming ? or is it easy to add options and extensions without losing all the personalization made on a site

    thanks a lot

    WC Vendors Support

    I’d say about 98% of that article is not true in any way shape or form. Maybe Anna will write a nice blog post for us about why we kick ass and they suck one day. 🙂

    Jay Ryu


    I haven’t used Dokan until today thinking there must be pros and cons of using each plugin but I chose WC vendors pro due to its great customer service. However, I just checked Dokan and think it has great shipping options there. I understand that you guys are working hard to include some more shipping option on the next update, and I am just wondering if the new options will be as comprehensive as what Dokan currently offers in its shipping configuration. think Dokan shipping options are pretty much same sa Etsy.


    Yazir Arafath

    I have launched an eCommerce website in Qatar. I wanted to convert it into a multi-vendor market place. After a lot of research and tried most of them on a development setup, I fixed my mind to choose either WC Vendor or Dokan Pro. Now, I am doing a lot of research about both these plugins. Because it is not possible to change the plugin if anything goes wrong, after the site goes live.

    As I read in this thread, most of them appreciate WC Vendor’s support. But I don’t think WC Vendor support is any better than other developers I have dealt with. Check out one of my query is still unanswered. https://www.wcvendors.com/help/topic/bulk-edit-vendor-name-in-an-existing-website/

    WC Vendors Support

    Yazir: That’s my fault, I didnt see your reply. If we dont reply in 12 hours, something went wrong, bump the topic! 🙂 Replying to yours now………….

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