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    By ticking “Only administrators can access the /wp-admin/ dashboard” its kicked out the default Woocommerce “Shop Manager” role.
    Is there a workaround to stop Vendors but allow Shop Managers?


    WC Vendors Support

    The workaround would be for you to write your own code snippet to do that. 🙂 You cant have two sections of code to do it, so it’s all or nothing. Gooooooooooogle.


    Ok thanks – I’ll look into that or some sort of wp-admin role detection.


    This is still the case? When you click the lock vendors out of WP-admin button (see attached image), basically it locks everyone out except ADMIN? Including Shop Managers? It appears that we are not the only folks that want to continue to allow Shop Managers access but not vendors. If this is still the case and there is no other solution, we will write the code. Please let me know. We can add it to a plugin that other folks can use as well.


    Shop Managers will be able to have access in Pro v 1.4
    In the meantime if you need to be able to allow shop managers access, you can use this code in your functions.php
    HOWEVER, it MUST be removed BEFORE you update to Pro 1.4:


    So nice of you to give me the code which works fine. I checked and found we are running WCVP 1.3.7. So I am wondering, will the WP updates pane tell us when 1.4 is available? If it is supposed to tell us that 1.3.8 is available, I don’t see it, so I am wondering a bit about the update process.

    Thank you

    WC Vendors Support

    If you are not running v1.3.9 right now, upgrade by downloading it from your wcvendors > my downloads section and uploading it. Updates are automatic, but we do patch the udpater from time to time so if you’re stuck on an old one, force it manually and be good from there! Cheers


    Shall we update the base WCV? We are on Stripe plugin Version 1.0.4 and WCV Version 1.9.8

    It appears we are on the most current version so we should be OK I presume.

    WC Vendors Support

    Always update WC Vendors Free first, then Pro. You’re on the latest for stripe & Free so you are good to update to the latest Pro!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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