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    Local Circle

    Good afternoon, I purchased the newest version of WC pro along with your Bookings integration package. I am having two separate issues I was hoping you could help me resolve.
    After entering the key for the bookings product I get an error message saying that I need to have the 1.9.7 version of Woocommerce bookings order for the bookings plug in to work. Not sure what the WC booking integrations buys if not the actual Woocommerce Bookings functionality. Bottom line is that it does not work at all. Do I need to spend additional $250 dollars for the Woocommerce bookings plugin in addition to the $69 i paid for your plug in?

    Additionally, I am experiencing some problems with the WC Vendors pro. In the front end for vendor products and other forms all checklists or drop down options are not working.
    In the “Create new product” form, the Checklist for categories and short description field does not work either. Short Description box: for a fraction of a second it shows the correct box space with text such as “Please add a brief description of your product here” and then it collapses and shows a arrow down The opposite of this symbol ^. and does not allow me to write anything.
    Product Categories: it shows the categories but NO check box next to them to select them. Even if I click on them they are not selected at all.
    Please advise as to what could be causing the front end issue, and what exactly the WC Bookings integrations buys.

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    Regarding Bookings- yes, as presented in our product description for the WooCommerce Bookings Integration- you need WooCommerce Bookings:

    This plugin requires the following products to function.

    WooCommerce v3.0.0+ ( free)
    WC Vendors v1.9.10+ (free)
    WC Vendors Pro (buy now) v1.4.0+
    WooCommerce Bookings version 1.9.x (Purchased @ woothemes.com)

    For the front-end .. it sounds like there may be a theme or plugin conflict.
    If you temporarily switch to the Storefront theme https://wordpress.org/themes/storefront/ and deactivate all plugins except WC Vendors, WC Vendors Pro and WooCommerce, does this still occur?

    Local Circle

    Hi Anna,
    Thank you for your prompt response and recommendation. I tried the storefront theme and WC Vendors Pro worked as expected.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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