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    katie eldridge

    I have contacted several developers and have yet to get an answer. I am wondering if WooCommerce POS works with your multi Vendor Plugin? Will using your plugin disable the POS to work properly or not? I’ve done a lot of searching and all I can find are other people asking this same question with the response being it hasn’t been tested and unknown if it is compatible. This is also coming from WooCommerce customer service. Is there anyway you’d be able to determine if your plugin would be compatible or not? I’m really looking forward to some answers and hoping you are able to point me in the right direction in being able to find this out. Thanks for your time.

    Kind Regards,


    WC Vendors Support

    I could have sworn you asked this today already. Either way, there should be no reason WooCommerce POS won’t work with WC Vendors. Go for it! WC Vendors is free, just install it and give it a try. I know of no reason it won’t work.

    katie eldridge

    I may have! I don’t believe it was here…I’ve just been everywhere trying to get an answer to this. Thank you for your response. I think I’ll have to buck up and buy everything template and POS and go for it then and cross fingers that it all works out.



    You shouldn’t need to buy anything to get started for basic POS + WCV testing. You could just use the free storefront theme on the WordPress theme repo for a woocommerce theme. Then install Woo + WCV + WooPOS.

    Also if you can report back your findings we’ll be able to list it on our compatible plugins list.



    WC Vendors Support

    https://wordpress.org/support/topic/work-with-woocommerce-pos 🙂 Found it! 🙂

    https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-pos/ <-- Free. Just install this and WC Vendors and you're good to go as Jamie mentioned earlier.....


    I’d like to join this conversation.
    I already have the WC Vendors plugin running in my website, but the problem is that some of vendors might also work with POS.
    So, I’d love to let them manage their online and POS sales in the same place.
    The WooCommerce POS Plugin almost does it right, except that I must give the user class “Vendor” access to the POS dashboard, but:
    1) I don’t want them to be able to see/edit/manage/sell/delete/whatever the products sold by others vendors and stores.
    2) The same applies to their access to users profiles and orders. I don’t want vendors to have access to administrators, vendors and customers profiles and orders.
    So, it looks like the two plugins are not automatically compatible.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance!

    WC Vendors Support

    The two plugins are completely compatible, you just want users to have multiple roles, and don’t like what each role offers to them. 😉 Is the Vendor Dashboard not the right place for your vendors to view their own orders? That’s what we wrote it for. 🙂

    katie eldridge

    Hi Felipemule,

    I have both the free POS and WooCommerce Point of Sale plugins installed. The one I purchased does have a lot more features and I will say they both work great with WC Vendors. The Free POS is more limited although much simpler to use is great if you want a simple nice looking POS used for one admin.

    I really like your idea of being able to add this type of POS fucntion/service to vendors. I hadn’t thought of it being a service that vendors could use but this would be a great feature for them to be able to utilize and if possible…why not!?

    I believe with the purchased POS this could be possible. As long as you allow your user to have viewable access to the backend of the site which is where the POS is worked from.

    With the Purchased POS you do have options to add Users/Outlets and Registers. The outlets set users to the POS and the Registers limits who and what products can be sold from. I have not tested this out…but in theory I would think this would be possible.

    http://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-point-of-sale-pos/7869665 is the plugin it’s $42.00. Well worth it in my opinion.

    One thing I do like about this as oppose to the Free POS is that it will not allow one to purchase a product once it is out of stock as long as you have the stock fields in place. The free POS being simpler still allows a purchase of the product no matter what the stock settings are at and only places a negative amount for what is available once sold. Not idea in my situation.

    Sorry I can’t give you a clear yes or no…but from what I can tell it should be possible. I’d email a pre-sell question to the plugin and see if they could answer it more directly as to how that works for users to be ale to sell their own products from specific registers. My only question would be how the products can be limited per user to show up on the pos…is it by category, per product…that would be the issue of getting the right register to the correct user with only their products to sell from.

    If I get time to work around with this to find out for you I’ll definitely let you know for sure.

    Kind Regards,



    Thank you for your reply, Katie.
    I was already thinking that this paid POS Plugin could be a better option.
    Here’s what I found in their Support Page, looking for WC Vendors compatibility:

    Check it out

    “Few questions about this plugin; I have a multiple vendors store and I want to know if this plugin will enable me to create a Register/POS for each vendor that just shows their products ?
    Also need to know if POS sales impact inventory how they should do ?
    Thanks :)”

    “You can certainly set what products you want to show for each register.
    POS sales impact a global inventory, not per register/outlet.”

    “Nice, Do I have to select the products manually or can they be setup to display the author products automatically ?
    The reason I ask is to give them live control of their products in their registers just by posting new products.”

    “No, you have to set them manually.
    You could set a category to a product grid and that would update live.”

    Does it look right to you?

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    WooCommerce POS

    You can try with this woocommerce pos solution

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