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    The other day after you helped me with the Stripe Class conflicts on my site between the wp stripe membership plugin I was using and the Stripe Connect, I’ve been forced to look into a new way to configure the membership / recurring subscription function on my site.

    Since Woo is offering a 50% discount until Midnight PST tonight, I am trying to figure out if WooCommerce Subscriptions will cause a similar conflict on my site.

    I would use a combination of groups + Woocommerce Groups + Woocommerce Subscriptions (I would need this for the recurring monthly payments).

    But….. WooC subscriptions is still $100 even with 50% off so I am really worried about purchasing it and then finding out it has a similar conflict.

    I’ve searched a lot in the forums before asking this question… I am confused… as there seems to have been some conflicts with wc subscriptions, but some were fixed. However, I also see that you and Jamie have said it is not supported yet. What is not supported with WC Subsciptions? The recurring payments? Does it cause trouble at checkout because of the Stripe Connect?

    I’m just trying to set up a monthly recurring payment for vendor status on my site. I get how the groups + woocommerce groups would work, but for recurring payments I’d need to also add the wc subscriptions. Currently the only payment gateway used on my site is your stripe connect + wcvendors plugin.

    Do you think this will work?

    Philip Burton

    Sorry to butt in, on one of the other membership threads I think i saw that you were using pmpro for the monthly membership or is that what the clash was with?


    No, this conflict was with a stripe membership plugin i was using, not pmpro.

    The conflict occurred with stripe classes.
    I use only the wcvendors+stripe connect for checkout on my site. The stripe membership plugin was interfering with my checkout.

    I am going to try Pmpro again. Pmpro and the configuration i highlighted in that forum thread worked fine. The theme i was previously using had weird pmpro integration and so I ditched it. Also, pmpro was a much heavier plugin than I needed…. otherwise at the time it worked fine and the code snip in the forum thread allowed auto switching from subscriber > vendor.

    Now that I am no longer using that theme, I’ll try pmpro again and report back if I have problems. Fingers crossed…

    WC Vendors Support

    I just sent you a link off site Anna…..

    Ol’ Boy


    Hi Anna,

    Were you ever able to get the woocommerse subscriptions plugin to work for you? I’m interested in vendors having the ability to sell subscription products wile using the the stripe connect + wcvendors plugin, if possible.



    Ol’ Boy,
    I was actually attempting to use this to have my vendors pay a monthly fee for vendor status.
    I did not attempt to use it to allow the vendors to sell subscription products.
    I never actually got it set up.. I went back to using paid memberships pro for my situation.

    Enabling this for the vendors will have another level of integration, I think. You’d have to make sure that the options for the subscription were available in the front end forms (PRO) and throughout the vendor listing process. I do not know as the woocommerce subscriptions is very well integrated at this point. I’ll see if I can test it out and let you know, since woocommerce subscriptions is a pricey plugin.
    If you already own woocommerce subscriptions, try it out and let me know what is or is not working and we can at least figure out what needs to be looked at for integration.

    Marc Bovet


    Hello Anna,

    I would like to setup the same as you. Each vendor will have to pay an annual subscription.

    If I understand you correctly, I need :
    a) groups https://wordpress.org/plugins/groups/
    b) groups for woocommerce : https://woocommerce.com/products/groups-woocommerce/
    c) woocommerce subscritpions : https://woocommerce.com/products/woocommerce-subscriptions/
    d) stripe : https://www.wcvendors.com/product/stripe-commissions-gateway/

    Then I can restrict access to the pro dashboard to vendors who did not paid the subscription.
    Is this correct ?

    How is your registration process working ? Customer apply as a vendor, fills the registration form ? and then ?



    I will bookmark this so I can come back and explain in more detail later today the setup I finally did get working on my site. I do not currently have a monthly/annual fee right at the moment — I might again in the future, but it was deterring vendors from signing up and I need to focus on getting more vendors right now before I try to make more $. 😉

    So… I need to go back through and take a look at how I had this all set up. I ended up finding that Paid Memberships Pro was better for my needs, I think. BUT, I will return later when I have more time and provide you with the details of how I had mine set up.

    Marc Bovet

    Hi Anna,

    Thank you for your answer.
    PmpPro seems great and cheaper than groups + Woocommerce groups+ Woocommerce subscriptions 🙂

    If I need just this pluging and stripe to get ready it would be great.




    Marc, @marc.bovet
    I still need to get into my old files to see how i had the application process set up…. but as I recall:

    I know I hid the “apply to become a Vendor” checkbox. I had users register on my site using the /my-account/ form, without the apply to become a vendor checkbox. After a user was registered a link and buttons would show up in my main menu and elsewhere that would allow them to open a store.

    The “Open a Store” link led to a page I made with a monthly or yearly membership choice. The buttons for their choice led to the Paid Memberships Pro membership checkout.
    I then added this code to my functions.php that automatically changed a user’s role to VENDOR once they had paid for the Paid Memberships Pro membership/subscription. My level 1 was monthly recurring payments; level 2 was yearly recurring payments. Both levels gave the user the Vendors role upon subscription payment.

    All I needed was Paid Memberships Pro and NavMenu Roles plugin (to hide the vendor dashboard from all roles but vendors). Don’t buy or install a second Stripe account if you are already using WC Vendors Stripe Gateway (there can be Stripe class conflicts). You do not need a Stripe plugin for Paid Memberships Pro- just your same Stripe account that you are using for the Stripe WC Vendors Gateway.

    Give it a go and let me know if you need help with it 🙂 My above process sounds complicated for the users but it really wasn’t… just required paying the membership before opening a shop.

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