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     Christopher Swainhart 

    We are having fraudulent transactions and have had to shut the site down. We set woocommerce to make sure that the BILLING address matches the SHIPPING address, i.e. no shipping to another address other than the billing address. Then we wanted to make sure the ZIP matched with Stripe checking to cut down on fraud. We were informed by Stripe that Stripe only allows ZIP checking with our master account, but we would have to change each and every connected account to enable ZIP checking as it needs to be done on a per user basis. This seems to be a difficult process. Isn’t there another way to protect against fraud? Please help, we are out of business.

    WC Vendors Official Support

    What Stripe tells you makes sense, as the vendor is using their OWN Stripe account to process the transactions – so it would be necessary for the vendors to ensure that they have their Stripe account set so that Zip checking / verification is mandatory for they transaction to proceed.
    If I find another way that we can help I will certainly notify you; however, in the anytime I would make it clear to your vendors that in order for then to be protected form fraudulent transactions it is imperative that they set their Stripe account so that only verified/matching zip code transactions will be processed and accepted.

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