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    Hello again,

    Another thing, am using wc vendor pro and when a user applies to be a vendor on the pro dashboard application in the payment section it doesnt show the stripe connect button for them to connect with stripe, but it shows when they go and configure the payment settings after they apply to be a vendor. Is there a way for it to show on the sign up page on pro dashboard vendor application so they would see it first hand then they have to go to the setting and all and they might forget to connect with stripe.


    hello Ben i add you here just in case if Anna didn’t see this perhaps you would.

    Bola Gadalla

    hello sorry for the late reply

    Do you have any ideas on how to do that because am not a coding person. And yea that code is yours and i saw it a while back and it help a lot thank you for that.

    I wondering if its possible with a code or a plugin to hide MY products, my own products, since when the user cancels his subscription it goes under my name and site name.
    If its possible also if there’s a way to send it to a specific category and i would hide the category and its products.

    If you could help me in anyway where it would fix that problem would be great.

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    Bola Gadalla


    your best option is stripe connect. here is the site for it, text them and they will tell you all about it. because i had the same issue and and found stripe connect.

    am not sure but i think they could help you set it up on the site too. you got to ask and am going to ask them too because i need help more with it too.

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    Bola Gadalla


    I know this was last year but if it would be posible to share your code that u used to hide products by sending them to draft here? because i been looking for something like this for a long time and maybe someone else is too.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Bola Gadalla


    Have you found any solution yet? to change the products of a vendor who unsubscribed to hidden until he subscribes again.

    Please if you have found anything can you please post it here because i have been looking for a way to do this for days.

    I also used the Code my Anna @fervous and plugins are Woocommerce, wc vendor, Paid Membership Pro and buddypress.

    if anything please help me out here and also the next guy after me who might also need help. i know this post been around for like a year but i just started out and i really need all the help and support i could get.

    Thank You.

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    Bola Gadalla

    @FERVOUS @Anna
    have you found a solution to hide the products from unsubscribed vendors and then make it visible again once they subscribe to be a vendor again?
    i have been looking so hard for a solution but didnt find anything so far. please help me and if you found or made a code that i could put on my theme function file can you please share it that will be great help for me and others who are also looking for it. Thanks a lot for your time.

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    Bola Gadalla

    Am using these plugins by the way:

    woocommerce, wc vendor, paid memebership pro and buddypress

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    Bola Gadalla

    @BEN i know that was like from 2016 but i was wondering if you developed a code where i could add to my theme function to hide the vendor’s products from the product page that he posted once he unsubscribe to my paying membership to be a vendor and then show the products again once he comes back to be a vendor again. i read all kind of articles and the help forms on this site and am not good with coding so when i read what @JPKAPINHA i didn’t understand that well and where i should add that code, in what file, theme function? am really sorry about this i tried to learn it and i couldn’t but there was a form where i found a code where it works with paid membership pro where once a vendor subscribe he will be automatically placed as a vendor.

    this is the code:

    /* Members signing up for membership level #1 get “Vendor” role. Members signing up for membership level #2 get “Vendor” role. Members cancelling are given the customer role. Admin users are ignored. */

    function my_pmpro_after_change_membership_level($level_id, $user_id) { //get user object $wp_user_object = new WP_User($user_id);

    //ignore admins
    if(in_array(“administrator”, $wp_user_object->roles))

    if($level_id == 1)
    //New member of level #1. Give them Vendor role.

    elseif($level_id == 0)
    //Cancelling. Give them Subscriber role.
    } add_action(‘pmpro_after_change_membership_level’, ‘my_pmpro_after_change_membership_level’, 10, 2);

    so is there a code where i could add to this so once they unsubscribe and become a subscriber not a vendor it will hide their products until he subscribe to be a vendor again.

    i really need help with this and it will be a lot of help if you could help me with this, i been trying to find a solution for like 3 days now and i cant find any.

    please help. and thanks a lot for you time

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