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    I totally agree with you. Returns management is essential. The owner of the marketplace must spend time to sell the business model, to attract customers,…
    To have enabled the returns and claims management system , is a five star rating in marketplace reputation and it would be a great time saver and solution to a lot of headakes.

    It would also be very useful that the admin has a dashboard like vendors one with all information of what is happening in the marketplace ir with information to get it:

    GMV (Gross-Merchandise Value).
    Take rate.
    Fill rate.
    Avg. operation/service.
    Active members:DAU, WAU o MAU.
    Members recurrency.
    Avg. Fill time.
    Avg. Shipping time.
    Returns/claims rate


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    Ben, because of my needings i am thinking in use a listing/directory theme with a membership and pay per post system. I want to offer the possibility to users of posting freelander services like lawer, accountancy…services. As you say to me i have to be creative. I think that integrate a theme with listing features is the faster and easier idea.

    I have found a theme in themeforest. Pointfinder.

    I have asked to developer for integration and compatibility. He says that there are not and he dont offer support fot it.

    You say that always are busy, so i undestand that you cant do this work for me.

    So i really need that a developer get Pointfinder integrated with Wcvendors pro.

    I know that there are a lot of developers whi can do that, but i need a trusted one. Can you recommend me someone, please? Maybe someone have already worked with you.

    I am afraid that even if i get the integration i will have problem with any Pointfinder Theme or Wc vendors update.

    About this…do you have i will need a developer work with all news updatings?

    Please. Can you help me? I know that you are busy and i dont want to be boring but i really nees your advice.

    Thanks you very much and have a nice weekend.

    in reply to: Getting fees with services #30242

    Yes. Of course.

    Being a little creative i think the following web could give some clue about the way to face it.

    In this web there are a lot nursery services. The relation between customer and a nurse is the following:

    Customer choose a nurse he likes (depending of the profile description and of some categories), after that customer send her a “contact ask” with the date customer needs.

    After that if nurse can give the service in the selected date she confirm the meeting and a comission is collected from the customer and another from the nurse (service vendor).

    I would settle for get only a comissiom intead of two. I think double comission is to much.

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    Yes, Ben, of course. I know that you dont write that plugins.

    I really would like reading some advice and to know the opinion of other users who could be in my situation. Information is power! ☺
    I really apreciate very, very much your effort, your time and your suggestions.

    5) Please. Could you say to me whats plugins do that,if you know someone? Or what key i have to use to searh in google?

    Thank you very much, Ben.

    Best regards.


    in reply to: subscription based shop #21720

    Hi guys. I have found this thread and prefer to write here.

    Did you resolve your problems with subscriptions? Do you have running subscriptions in yours webs?

    I would appreciate your information.

    I have purchased Wc Vendors Pro + Groups (free) + Woocommerce Subscriptios and Groups for Woocommerce (Woothemes Plugin).

    Today, I know that Groups (free) + Woocommerce Subscriptios and Groups for Woocommerce (Woothemes Plugin) work fine, but I need an answer for some questions that are very important to work with subscriptions. Perhaps, at the present date you have resolved them:

    1) Subscription plugin: As I say, I have purchased Woocommrece Subscriptions (Woothemes guys). I think this is one of the most complete plugin for this, BUT, although I have all configured, It allow Upgrade, Downgrade, Recurring,…

    2) Permissions: This issue can be solved with Groups (free) + Groups for Woocommerce (Woothemes Plugin). It is necessary to give permissions depending of the subscription package purchased. It is possible to create Gold, Silver, Bronze…groups.

    3) Hide “Add to cart” buttons on all products, even Cart icon and checkout if needed: There are some Catalog mode plugins that can be checked in Google and in YouTube. Normally, with subscriptions Admin doesn’t want to allow to vendors selling products in his web, so there are not sales commissions.

    4) To replace “add to cart button” for another like “request an inquiry” or similar, i have read in this post that we can use an “Inquiry plugin (Woothemes guys)”.

    All i have written would be perfect, but there is a big problem. And this problem is the reason for i have not done a real check. ¿Why?: Payment Getaways.

    5) Payments gateways:

    – Actually, Paypal Standard doesn’t allow paying subscriptions. It is necessary to ask to Paypal that they enable “Reference Transactions” feature. I have asked it by email several times and, at the present day, I have no answer.

    – Braintree gateway (Paypal + Credit card integration): Because of I don’t want to lose the possibility of to use Paypal and because I have read that this gateway allow Advanced Subscriptions, yesterday I found “Braintree gateway plugin (woothemes)”. This gateway allows work with subscriptions and to pay via Paypal and credit cards too.

    Please, if you have more information about Subscriptions, Payments Gateways or others plugis, share it. I think we can together, find a settling or solution for that.

    Best Regards.


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    I am waiting for next Boss theme that Ben wrote. I want to check it before purchase any other. It is a pitty that there is not any really good theme.

    in reply to: Disable Cart + Selling subscriptions #21285

    Thanks Ben.

    What plugins do you recommed?

    I have seen the following in woothemes

    This one in themeforest:

    And the last is Yith woocommerce catalog mode.

    Do you think will i need some Quote plugin?or it is enough with some catalog mode

    Best regards.

    in reply to: Will not accpet my API key #20740

    Hi, Ben.

    The same message again.

    in reply to: Will not accpet my API key #20202

    Hi, Ben.

    I have updated to WordPress 4.4.1 and the message is the same too: “Connection failed to the License Key API server. Try again later.”

    Best regards.

    in reply to: Will not accpet my API key #20150

    Another image

    in reply to: Will not accpet my API key #20147

    Hi Ben.

    I have news from my hosting provider. They say the following:

    El comando ping no está disponible en los paquetes de alojamiento cuando se accede a los mismos a través de SSH.

    Si el cliente desea saber la dirección IP de un dominio, puede visitar la siguiente página:

    I translate it for you. They mean that i dont have available “ping” command for my subscription, so i cant use it.

    They give to me a link as alternative to ask for a IP:

    I have asked for IP domain of and (my hosting domain).

    I have attached some images of that.

    in reply to: Will not accpet my API key #19762

    Hi, Ben.

    I dont know how user Helgi has got “ping” and see the returning IP.

    1) I have downloaded Putty.exe to login in my webserver with SSH. It opened a similar MS-DOS windows where I have intoduce my domain “” as user, and my master password (that i cofigured in my Strato server) as ssh password. In this moment i had ascess to my directory, so i have introduced the following:
    – “ > ping” and the system says: unknown commad “ping”.
    – “ >” and the system says: unknown commad “”.
    – “ >” and the system says: unknown commad “”.

    2) I have downloaded PSFTP.exe (SSH-FTP access for Putty) to login in my webserver with SSH. In the same way, It opened a similar MS-DOS windows where I have intoduce my domain “” as user, and my master password (that i cofigured in my Strato server) as ssh password. In this moment i had ascess to my directory, so i have introduced the following:
    – “ > ping” and the system says: unknown commad “ping”.
    – “ >” and the system says: unknown commad “”.

    3) I have downloaded Puttygen.exe (SSH-FTP key generator others FTP programs) to generate a public key to use in Filezilla. I have generated this key and i have save it in Filezilla SSH options, but where to ping “”.

    4) I have sent an email to my web hosting provider that is http://WWW.STRATO.EU, and i am waiting for an answer to they educate me in what you are asking me and how to resolve, because i have no idea.

    I am not computer specialist and i have made a big effort to install this plugin (my english it is not good either). Actually, i have intalled 5 WOOTHEMES plugins, 8 WP JOB MANAGER plugins and others. All of them with Serial Keys that i had to activate to use the plugins with no problems.

    Could you tell me if i go in the rigth direction? I must honestly say that I have no idea what you mean with your intructions. I feel completitly loss. I have tried to fix this issue but with no exit.

    Best regards and happy new year.


    in reply to: Will not accpet my API key #19566

    Hi, Ben.

    I have purchased pro plugin this morning. I have tried to activate it some times today with my number and email license but something is wrong. I have followed your steps doing all you say about to modify from “https://” to “http://” in /wp-content/plugins/wc-vendors-pro/includes/class-wcvendors-pro-updater.php and on line # 9

    But i have the same message yet: “Connection failed to the License Key API server. Try again later.”

    I am running php 7 in my host. But i have modified it to 5.3, 5.5 and 5.6, but it doesnt work neither.

    Could you help me, please?

    Best regards.


    in reply to: WC Vendors Pro-Themeforest themes #9953

    Yes,of course. I am confused. But because i dont know why some developers offer theirs themes as compatibles with some plugins. In this case they offer themes customized to use wc vendors.

    I understood that this developers are working to theirs themes work properly with wc vendors, something like a plug and play, so you dont have to be worried about modify code or styling, so i imagined that if i have problems they can help to me to resolve them.i dont see other differences.

    But with your comment i am looking for others themes with better features.

    All because i am not a pro only an user…

    Thanks for all Ben!!

    in reply to: WC Vendors Pro-Themeforest themes #9853

    Thanks you very much Anna and Ben.

    i have spend some month looking for a theme customized for wc vendors because i thought that it was necessary. I thought that with this kind of themes if something doesnt works or display properly they can support me. I have asked about compatibility to others developers in Themeforest which themes doesnt have Wc vendor integration and they answered to me that could be possible that modifications or new code is needed so they dont support 3rd party plugins integration. This is the reason for i have been looking for this kind of themes. What a pitty!!

    i am to see all theme you proposed me. Thanks!!

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    Hi, one question about stores location.

    it will be possible to add shops/stores locations with google maps or open street maps in the frontend? it will be possible to search shops by country, city and postal code with some search field, geolocation or through some google map. If not, i know there is a lot of location store plugins in and Themeforest, so…do you know if there are any compatible to use in frontend?

    Thank you in advance.

    in reply to: *Brilliant* new Front-End Vendor Tool on Envato! #7435

    by the way, how’s it going vcvendors pro?

    in reply to: *Brilliant* new Front-End Vendor Tool on Envato! #7413

    I am working with a frontend plugin in my web and i have problems to submmit information about location shops and then, that this information could be searched with a form by country, city and postal code. Usually this information it is not connected with search forms.

    I have tried to submmit google maps location shops in my web but it is not possible either.

    I think that in a marketplace it is very important to get a detailed location of every shop using zip/postal code that every user have submmited previosly in the register form. It would be awesome that frontend system will allow to use google maps location. At last, i think it is very important to have some search form for shops that allow to searh shops by postal code and others keywords that user/owner shop has submmited previously.

    in reply to: *Brilliant* new Front-End Vendor Tool on Envato! #6528

    Hi again.

    I have tried two front-vendor tools and i see the same deficiencies. In one of this, there is not possibilities to add zip code to vendors registration
    forms. I have read a lot of post about it because important to integrate zip code with searching, so you can find all products around your street. Very important…

    Second deficiency i see is that in both tools, vendor do not have possibilities to get related the product with categories in menu or in search. Both of them only have name, price, sku, description, alt, height, width and weight. All that it is ok for the shipping but i think not for the caracteristics forms of the product.

    If vendors sell mobile phones front-end should give more possibilities to identify the product as ram (1 gb, 2gb,3gb…), room, mpx camera (8 mpx, 13 mpx,16 mpx), internal memory (8 gb, 16 gb, 32 gb…), batery capacity (2500 ma, 2800 ma, 3100 ma…),…With more information it will be better to clasify the product.

    If i sell clothes the same but with anothers attributes. All depending of the sort of marketplace.

    Well. All this is what i think and about i have read. I am waiting hopefully WC Vendors pro.

    Best regards.

    in reply to: *Brilliant* new Front-End Vendor Tool on Envato! #6358


    I am agree with some comnents being done. It’s take me a lot of time to find a theme with frontend submmision that works fine. And it results that this theme has all the code integrated, so it is working without plugins.

    The problem for me is that there are anothers features of this theme that i don’t like at all. And it is difficult to test other plugins to get this features improved because, generally, they are not free. So i don’t purchase any theme or plugin yet.

    The best solution for me is purchase some wordpress/woocommerce theme (there many that integrate wc vendors) that has all features i want (this is easy), and then install wc vendors.

    I have spent much time analizing almost every Frontend systems i found in Internet. I think all did a good work, but it isn’t enought.

    I think the features must be developed thinking in the owner of every shop or every vendors. I will not purchase to get features to me, i will purchase to get fetures for my vendors, for my marketplace users.

    I would like to see how they can customize theirs shops individually, that they feels like they have his own web page.

    Another problem i have found in every plugins, a headache for me, is that it is imposible to set different ways to monetize the market at the same time. Until now it is possible to get a commision by every sale. It is possible to get a fee or a payment from vendor if you sell them membership packages. I mean to get payments by creating or purchase a number of products in a period of time. It is possible to combine both of them, getting the payment from the membership package an then another payment too if vendor sell some of the products submmited.

    Buy i have found that it is not possible to use one payment method to get commsion from a kind of vendor or product/category and anothet method like membership packages from another/s.

    Imagine the following…:

    First group of users will sell big physical goods like machinery which is expensive and not easy to sell so i want to get a sale commision (a percentage %). In the submmiting form or register form i think they would have to distinguish between the kind of user they are or the kind of product they submmit with some field.

    Second group of user wiil sell small physical goods like spare parts of machinery that is easily and cheaper to sell, so i want this group of user pay a subscription package depending of the products they submmit or create during a period of time.

    So, when a new user get registered depending of the kind of product he sell, he will have to pay a package to be allowed to submmit products or he will have to expect to sell some product he submmited to pay a sale commision.

    There a lot of real examples that could be implemented in commerce related to this casuistry.

    All this are only thougths and wishes.

    Anyway, i am very excited for your plugin and i am waiting to purchase inmediatly WC Vendors Pro. I really need it!!!

    So, i know that you noticed that it could spend one, two or three month, but could you tell me how the development process works?

    If you will be so king as to send me an email notice when it’s ready for purchase…

    Best regards.


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