Advanced Categories


Advanced Categories gives you total control over how vendors select categories for their products. You can enforce a minimum and maximum number of categories per product, prevent the selection of parent categories, and even limit the categories available to each vendor.

Moreover, Advanced Categories introduces a new “Step down” category display option that makes it easier than ever for vendors to find the best categories for their products.

Managing a growing product category menu can be difficult, but thanks to Advanced Categories, it just got a lot easier!


Enforce category limits

Control the minimum and maximum number of categories vendors can select.

Prevent selection of parent categories

Require vendors to select the most granular product category available – prevent selection of parent categories with the click of a button!

New category display options

Advanced Categories introduces two new category display options:

  • Step down – The vendor is prompted with a dropdown containing all top level categories. They make a selection, and if the selected category has children they are prompted to select again.
    None – The product categories section is hidden from the product form.

Limit the categories visible to each vendor

Limit individual vendors to selecting descendants of a particular parent category – show each vendor the categories they need, and no more!

Hide categories from vendors

Use a convenient dropdown to select categories to hide from your vendors.

Mobile compatible

The “Step down” category display option is beautifully mobile compatible. The other display options also work on mobile devices.


  • WordPress 4.4+
  • WooCommerce 3.0+WC
  • Vendors 1.9.12+
  • WC Vendors Pro 1.4.4+
  • PHP 5.6+


See changelog on product website here:

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