Marketplace Hosting, 6 Months



WC Vendors offers a limited number of webhosting slots for our enterprise class server farm.

Regular webhosting companies will give you a stack that will run WordPress. Sure, that’s easy. Then, when you want to add WooCommerce and a marketplace and products and customers and vendors, suddenly you find that with webhosting, you got exactly what you paid for, and it’s not enough.

Our hosting is on true high performance servers. 3Gbps of available bandwidth to the Internet. Plenty of space. Plenty of available processes for your site. Each server is maintanined and never overfilled, and never remotely close to capacity. What you get, is true webhosting, with true speed, optimized for WordPress, WooCommerce, and your marketplace.

If you dont use WC Vendors, you are NOT eligible for webhosting, and your order will be cancelled/refunded. This is ONLY for WC Vendors Free & Pro customers.

What we include:
– Hardware support
– Tons of hard drive space, terabytes if you need!
– Killer speeds
– Bandwidth galore!
– Your own control panel to manage your entire hosting account
– Free SSL certificates
– Dedicated IP address
– Latest versions of PHP 7.x
– No more than ten websites per webserver (Compare to GoDaddy, at 15,000+ websites per webserver!)

What’s not included? Software support. It’s up to you to install WordPress and plugins and all that stuff. You manage your own webhosting account, we just make sure you’re able to. Support is provided via Skype, once you order, you’ll get a phone call from Ben to get your account setup upon ordering.

Six Months of hosting is $249. Find a better deal for the same services above and we’ll eat our hats. 🙂

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