Shop Sections


Shop Sections enables vendors to create unique categories for their products. It’s perfect for seasonal collections and niche categories that don’t fit cleanly into your main category menu.

As the admin, you can control how many sections a vendor can create, while vendors have total control over section naming and ordering, and assignment of products via the product edit screen.

This extension is compatible with WC Vendors Marketplace and WC Vendors Pro.  A WC Vendors Pro license is not required!


Intuitive section creation and editing

Vendors can use a simple interface to create and edit their shop sections. They can even drag and drop sections to control their display order.

Adding products to sections

Vendors can assign products to a section via the product edit screen.  Shop sections appear under the product category selection, and above the featured image upload.

Shop sections widget

You can display shop sections on vendor pages with the Shop Sections widget. Set a custom title, toggle the display of empty sections, and choose between list and drop down style display.

Admin controls

Marketplace admins can control the number of shop sections a vendor can create.

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