This is the legal terms and conditions in which WC Vendors provides you with support and purchase policies. Granted, this is the boring read, but it’s the rules in which we operate.

Using our software assumes you are proficient in WordPress, WooCommerce, and basic PHP skills as customizing it will ultimately rely on your talent as a website developer. Remember: We support WC Vendors, not WordPress, WooCommerce, or other plugins, and especially not theme issues. It’s unreasonable to think we can support plugins we do not write. Please do not ask us to, as all we can say is to contact them for support.

WC Vendors Free is provided as is with no guaranteed support. We always respond to forum topics in our Help Forums, whenever possible, when possible.

WC Vendors Pro is provided on a per-website basis with activation keys for your license. Your license is for 12 months, which includes support and updates. After 12 months, you may continue to use WC Vendors Pro, but you will not receive support or updates without re-purchasing it. Support is limited to features the product actually has. Support does not include customization or adding more features you wish it had. Often times we will help with customization, if we have time, it is simply not guaranteed. You can reach support by OPENING A SUPPORT TICKET.

You will not qualify for pro support if ANY of the following conditions are met:

  • You have modified ANY core plugin files
  • You are not running the latest version of our plugins and required dependencies ( WordPress, WooCommerce )
  • You have plugins or code that modifies our core in anyway they MUST be disabled
  • You do not follow our basic requests for debugging information
  • You are running WordPress MultiSite installation ( we are not compatible and (maybe) never will be )

If you have done ANY of the above, YOU WILL NOT QUALIFY FOR SUPPORT. 

Stripe Commissions & Gateway follows the same rules WC Vendors Pro does for support and updates.

For all products we support, if there is a bug, we will try to resolve it for you as quickly as possible. A styling issue is not a bug, as every theme is different and may display differently. For that, you are encouraged to tweak your CSS to make things display as you want them to. A bug is defined as something that makes the plugin cause a fatal error, or not work as designed. Bugs happen, and we’re always on top of them once they are reported to us. All plugins are provided in English. Translations are provided from other members, and are your responsibility to ensure translations are accurate to non-English languages.

Refund Policy and Discounts Policy

Our refund policy is quite simple — as is and no refunds on digital downloads. We thought hard about a refund policy, and want to encourage you to try Free first, and look at the dev website second for Pro’s functionality. This helps you make a better decision on if our platform is right for you. (And we’re sure it is!). WC Vendors Free is free, and you should use it first to determine if you like us for a multi vendor marketplace. If you are looking to try Pro, go to and login as “vendor1” with a password of “vendor1”. From there, you can click Pro Dashboard to view the WC Vendors Pro Dashboard and see how the plugin works.

We are often asked “Do I get a discount if I buy X and Y?” or “When is your next coupon?”.  Quite simply put, we don’t ever put products on sale, we don’t ever offer coupons.  Never.  Not even for Christmas, Mothers Day, or “Aliens just greeted us from Outer Space Day”.  We have priced our products fairly, and don’t inflate our prices higher to force you to wait for a discount.  The price you see is the price it always is. (Ok, if aliens visit Earth, we’ll make our software free for a day, because that’s just really cool).

Our Help Forums have rules to follow. If you break them, your access to the forums may be revoked and you will be able to read, but not participate, and then you must use email for support instead of the Help forums. It’s pretty simple — No trolling, no bashing, no rudeness, no swearing, be polite, and be respectful. Please always start your own new topic for a new support request, rather than bumping someone elses, it helps keep us organized and allows us to personalize our responses directly to you and your sites unique characteristics. On our forums, we take a really simple approach to supporting you, it’s with bluntness and no beating around the bush.

That’s it! Thanks for reading, and have fun with your marketplace.

Ben, Jamie & Anna
WC Vendors

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