WC Vendors Pro 1.5.0 Coming Soon

Now that WC Vendors 2.0 is readying for release the updates to WC Vendors Pro continues. This update has been in planning for many months and includes a range of updates, bug fixes and new features. This is a required update for all users to continue a smooth operation of your marketplace.

PLEASE NOTE: WC Vendors 1.5.0 is a required update after WC Vendors 2.0.0. WC Vendors 1.4.6 will not function with WC Vendors 2.0. 

Whats New?

  • Setup Wizard
  • New Settings system
  • Easily hide or make form fields required for products & vendor settings/signup
  • Variation fields can now be hidden or required
  • SEO for vendor stores and vendor products
  • More widgets
  • A brand new validation system
  • More shipping options and shipping details display
  • Vendor redirect options for login (to my-account or pro dashboard)
  • more hooks for developers
  • Bug fixes and more!

When ?

There is still some work to come in this update and due to the sheer number of changes a lot of testing needs to be done to ensure minimal impacts for this major update. The aim is to have the next version out in the second half of April.It is recommended that you extensively tested this new release on a staging server before updating your live site. There is a potential for this update to render some sites inaccessible. Please ensure you test these updates prior to moving your live site to them.
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Jamie is the founder and lead developer of WC Vendors. He has been working in the WordPress, WooCommerce and Marketplace space for more than 15 years, 9 of those dedicated to multivendor marketplaces.

4 thoughts on “WC Vendors Pro 1.5.0 Coming Soon

  1. Hello,

    What do you mean by setup wizard? I hope it means that users will have a step by step registration process?

    Is there any way we can vote for additional features?

    1. The setup wizard is for the initial setup of WC Vendors Pro, commissions, pages, capabilities. These are things our new users are still having issues with. So I have introduced a setup wizard for both Free and Pro.

      Currently there is no way to vote on new features/additions. What are you looking for more of?

  2. Is there a TAX/GST or Invoice system in new version. As all know TAX is very important in any type of business.

    1. Hello,

      There will not be a tax or invoice system built into the next version of pro. You could achieve most of this with the WooCommerce PDF invoices plugin.

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