WC Vendors Pro Update: v1.4.5 – Sept. 1, 2017


We would like to announce our latest update, version 1.4.5 on September 1st, 2017.  This update includes the following additions, fixed and template revisions.

Version 1.4.5 – 1st September 2017 – Changelog

* Added: Prefix support to logging to make tracking logs easier
* Added: Allow admin to create coupons for a vendor store #605
* Added: Vacation Mode to User Edit screen #537
* Added: Unique Ids to submit buttons for different forms
* Added: New actions for before and after forms
* Added: Give each save button a unique ID.
* Added: Scroll erroring field into view when form validation fails thanks bporcelli.

* Fixed: If “Max shipping” threshold is reached, taxes are still collected for 0 shipping amount. #625
* Fixed: Admin User address fields : Illegal string warnings #621
* Fixed: Coupon Usage Restriction Check boxes are not functioning #620
* Fixed: Some Shipping fields are not displaying on the vendor sign up form #619
* Fixed: Product Form Gallery Showing All Site Images #618
* Fixed: Upsells, Cross Sells labels are not showing on Product add/edit form #622
* Fixed: Tag label is not showing in product add/edit form #617
* Fixed: Disabled debuggin in shipping gateway
* Fixed: Maximum shipping charged (per vendor) in admin is not working/applied #609
* Fixed: Incorrect product id reference
* Fixed: Only show store category widget on woocommerce pages
* Fixed: Store Category Widget now works in single product page
* Fixed: Translation is not applying to some strings #614
* Fixed: Free Shipping Product Level Override shows default rate on product page #610
* Fixed: QTY checkbox selection for Country Table Rate does not save #606
* Fixed: Removed license www.wcvendors.com disable due to hosting issues with managed hosts #601
* Fixed: If “Charge Once” is checked, Free Shipping settings ignored (multiple of the same product) #598
* Fixed: Shipping address illegal offset problem
* Fixed: FedEx tracking is not formatting correctly for emails #597
* Fixed: Admin options Product Form- Variations hide SKU results in variations not being saved #595
* Fixed: Submit Feedback form page order status is showing date/time of order #604

* Templates Updated:


Please check to ensure that if you have overridden any templates, that they are updated to the latest templates.

Questions?  Please open a support ticket so we can assist you: https://www.wcvendors.com/help/submit-help/


Thank you!

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