WC Vendors Tax Solution

An often requested add-on is a better solution for taxes. We have been working hard on developing an extension that will allow you as the marketplace owner to better manage the taxes between yourself and your vendors.

Some of the features of the plugin will include

  • Choose between TaxJar and Avalara for automatic tax rate calculations
  • Set who is the seller of record for tax purposes, marketplace or the vendor
  • Allow vendors and customers to add their tax id’s for invoices
  • and more
  • Add your suggestions below.
We’d like to hear about what features you would like to see in the tax solution to make sure we’re not missing anything. Please fill out the short survey below to help use better understand your tax requirements.
  • What tax jurisdictions do you need support for?
  • Do you have any feature suggestions we haven't listed?
  • Get notified

    If you would like to be notified of the upcoming tax solution release please fill in your details below.

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