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Vendors to be able to set sale

Vendor to be able to set a sale on all of their products at once (e.g. 10% sale). At the moment, they have to either use coupon code, or go to all of their products one by one and change the sale price.

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Stripe Connect plugin Direct SEPA support

Add additional payments methods like Direct SEPA with the Stripe connect payment system, so that buyers on the site have more ways to pay and the system will still automatically split the payments

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Stripe Connect plugin - Support Express Account

The Stripe Connect plugin currently only supports Standard account setup for vendors. It would very beneficial to support Express account setup as it provides a much easier sign-up flow for vendors and limits the information the marketplace can see in the vendor’s account.

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Enable HTML Editor for Global Store Notice

It would be good to have an option to enable HTML Editor for the global store notices set by the admin. Currently – The option allows you to only input text without any line breaks or any formatting options and no option to add hyperlinks as well.

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Vendor Admin Role

Hello, I am a WCVendor Pro user (lifetime) and had a need/idea I wanted to throw at you. Maybe you’ve had others ask about this? I’m basically setting up pages on our site for different communities/cities that then recruit their own local vendors. Wondering if there’s a way already or can one be created to …

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