Create A Marketplace With Bookable Products

Let your Vendors create and sell bookable products such as hotel rooms, gym sessions, consultations, equipment rentals and more.

The WC Vendors WooCommerce Bookings plugin integrates WooCommerce Bookings into WC Vendors Pro opening up a whole range of bookable product possibilities.

Vendors will be able to create bookable products. This includes defining duration, costs, resources, people, calendar display and more. Vendors can manage their resources and their bookings.


The following features are available to vendors in WC Vendors WooCommerce Bookings.

  • Add bookable products
  • Define duration blocks
  • Require confirmation and allow a cancellation
  • Define availability
  • Define costs
  • Allow resources and persons as bookable
  • Manage Resources
  • Manage bookings
  • Confirm/Unconfirm
  • Update relevant information for bookings
  • Vendors can manage customer bookings
  • Vendors can create their own bookings
  • View WooCommerce bookings calendar in month and day view
  • Google Calendar Sync
  • Vendors are notified via email of new bookings (email template provided)
  • Support for WooCommerce Accommodation Bookings

More features are available based on the underlying functionality of WooCommerce Bookings.

Please note: WooCommerce Bookings limits carts and checkout to a single bookable product, so only one booking will be in order at any one time. This is a feature of WooCommerce Bookings and has nothing to do with how our integration works.

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