Automate Your Marketplace Taxes

WC Vendors Tax

WC Vendors Tax provides your marketplace with automatic sales tax calculations using either TaxJar or Avalara tax calculation services.

No more manually entering tax tables. This plugin allows the marketplace or the vendor to be the seller of record.

Ensure that you have accurate sales tax calculations between your vendors and your customers.

Tax Features

  • Calculating sales tax automatically using cloud tax calculation services like TaxJar or Avatax.
  • Uploading orders and refunds to cloud tax services for reporting and filing.
  • Switching between marketplace and vendor as the seller of record.
  • Support both WC Vendors Marketplace and WC Vendors Pro.
  • Support TaxJar Nexus addresses.
  • Cache calculation results to save API calls.

Configuration only takes a few minutes, is not complex, and quite simple.

WC Vendors Pro

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