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What is the WooCommerce Status Page ?

The WooCommerce status page provides a detailed list of your configuration that helps us to understand what your site is running before we need to login. This information is vital to our support needs and we request that you include this with your support ticket.

How do you get your WooCommerce Status Page?

  1. Login to your WordPress Admin area
  2. Click on WooCommerce menu Item
  3. Click on Status menu item
  4. Click on the Get system report button
  5. Click on Copy for support
  6. Paste this into the WooCommerce Status page field below.

Before Contacting Us

Before you contact support please be sure to perform the steps outlined in our debugging guide. This will help us to narrow down the problem. This includes any plugin or theme conflicts.

You can read the debugging guide here :

Thanks !

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