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Everything in Growth, plus:

Bookings Add-on

Simple Auctions Add-on



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Pro Features

Automate Payments

Commission Types

Branding & Store Control

Security Badges

All licenses are annual and for a single domain and a single staging site only. We do not have multi-site licenses at this time.
* Special introductory pricing, all renewals are at full price. Prices are in USD and automatically renew on the anniversary of your purchase.
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100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

We’re excited to have you experience WC Vendors. Over the next 14 days, if WC Vendors isn’t the best fit, simply reach out! We’ll happily refund 100% of your money.
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“I have been using WCVendors pro for a few years now. Does exactly what it should do. Support are always fast & helpful. Happy customer.”



“They respond quickly to questions and are generally helpful. If you’re looking for a marketplace plugin, this is the best one on the market.”



“I chose WC Vendors after evaluating against WooCommerce own version and the alternative WCFM which is super complex and kinda ugly.”


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License Information & Inclusions

Purchasing WC Vendors comes with great benefits:

Automatic Updates

Automatic updates via the WordPress dashboard on your website with a valid support license.

Worldwide Support

Dedicated support engineers working hard to bring high quality support to you.

14-Day Refund Guarantee

Simply email our friendly support team and if we can’t get you up and running, we’re happy to refund you.

Developer Friendly

Commented code with dev friendly hooks & filters. We build our products to strict WordPress standards.

Customer Friendly

We work hard to ensure everything works great out of the box with most themes and plugin combinations.

Flexible License

Single site licensing, support & updates for 12 months all included. Cancel your subscription any time.

Frequently Asked Questions

We currently support a minimum of WordPress 4.1 and WooCommerce 3.0. However we encourage you to test and run the most up-to-date versions of all your plugins and themes. This will ensure a smooth running business and reduce your chances of security and other problems.

We recommend that you use a dedicated WordPress hosting company. We do not recommend running an eCommerce business on a shared, cheap hosting plan. You must be using a minimum of PHP 7.2 as per the WooCommerce requirements. However, we recommend you use the most recent version of PHP7.x that is available to you. 

Your hosting company should also be providing at least daily backups and staging environments so you can easily test all updates and changes. 

We’re excited to have you experience WC Vendors. Over the next 14 days, if WC Vendors isn’t the best fit, simply reach out! We’ll happily refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.

You can read our full refund policy on this link.

We have two bundles available to purchase. The Pro Bundle and the Extensions bundle. The Pro bundle as the name suggests, includes WC Vendors Pro. The extensions bundle includes all of our extensions but does not include WC Vendors Pro.

WC Vendors Pro provides a complete front end dashboard for your vendors and a great user experience. This allows your vendors to manage their orders, products, coupons and more. We also include a comprehensive shipping system for both flat rate and table rate shipping and much more! View the full features here.

If you don’t renew your license then you are free to continue to use the last version that you downloaded. Your license provides access to updates, downloads and support. Once your license expires you can no longer download the product, access premium support or receive updates and bug fixes.

You can set the commission rate at the product level, the vendor level or globally for the entire marketplace. WC Vendors Pro includes more options for charging commissions beyond the basic percentage system offered in free. This includes fixed, fixed + fee and tiered commission rates.

No we do not support WordPress MutliSite for either our Free or Paid plugin. We have no plans to support this feature so please do not ask.

WC Vendors and WC Vendors Pro are developed to work with any 100% compatible WooCommerce theme. This means that your theme implements full compatibility with WooCommerce. If your theme uses the optional woocommerce.php template file, your theme is not supported.

Yes, your subscription will be automatically renewed on the anniversary of your purchase. You will get a reminder email 7 days before the renewal in case you would like to update or cancel your renewal. You can cancel your renewal at any time by editing the subscription on your account page.

Our annual licenses cover a single domain and a staging site on the same primary domain. We do not have unlimited or multi-site licenses at this time.

Annual Licenses

For annual licenses, support, updates and plugin downloads are granted for one year after the original purchase based on the license that you have purchased. After one year is completed, the purchaser must renew their license in order to continue receiving support, updates, and access to download plugin files for the items purchased.

Lifetime Licenses (Legacy)

For lifetime licenses, support, updates and plugin downloads are granted for three years after the original purchase based on the license that you have purchased. After three years is completed, the purchaser will continue receiving a lifetime of updates, and access to download plugin files for the items purchased. If support is required after three years, then the purchaser must purchase an extended support license.

This is really up to you. So long as your web hosting is designed and configured to handle a big traffic site. Then our products will also hold up. We have customers running very high traffic sites with thousands of products, vendors and orders.

As we provide a complete front end dashboard it isn’t possible to automatically provide support for all WooCommerce extensions. This will mean some custom programming will ned to be completed to integrate the plugin of choice with Pro. A lot of the times all that is required is adding the custom meta fields on the front end. For more complex integrations we are always looking to create new integrations for our users. Please check our extensions page to see what integrations we have available.

We do not provide phone pre-sales or support. We are a small 100% remote team spread across multiple timezones which means we cannot effectively provide support via phone. Please outline your questions in your submission to us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions quickly.

We are unable to provide support or customisation beyond the features and functions already built into WC Vendors. If you require further customisation such as changing anything within WC Vendors via actions or filters, then you will need to do this your self or hire a developer. We do however provide documentation on how to use our actions and filters with example code to get you started. If you can’t find what you are looking for please ask and we’ll be happy help.

As WC Vendors Pro is downloadable software, we do not provide a free trial. However, you can download and install our free plugin from the repository at any time completely for free. If you choose to purchase WC Vendors Pro you are also covered by our 14-day 100% no-risk refund guarantee.

We currently do not have a REST API for WC Vendors Marketplace or WC Vendors Pro. We are currently in the planning stages of this feature.

Yes, you can use your single license on your development environment as well as your production environment. All licenses can be used on 1 staging/development site and 1 production site at the same time.

Licenses are not transferable in the sense that you cannot resell your plugin license to someone. However if you have sold the business or renamed the business, you can move the license to the new owner.

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