We take pride in providing responsive and professional support to our customers and potential customers. To that end, we would like to outline our support policy to make sure that you understand what we can and can’t help with.

Scope of Support

We provide support for all our products; some of that support is provided via tickets for our paid products, and support for WC Vendors is provided via the community forums on WordPress.org.  There are some limitations to our premium support that are outlined below.

Support with installing and configuring the productWe can help
Bug fixesWe can help
Technical questions about our products available features.We can help
WordPress & WooCommerceSorry we can’t help
Have modified core filesSorry we can’t help
Not running latest version of pluginsSorry we can’t help
Running plugins that modify our pluginsSorry we can’t help
Running WordPress MultiSiteSorry we can’t help
3rd Party pluginsSorry we can’t help
3rd Party themesSorry we can’t help
Style & Theme changes not directly related to the pluginSorry we can’t help
Server technical assistance & supportSorry we can’t help
Sample code or code snippetsSorry we can’t help
Technical questions about features we don’t haveSorry we can’t help
TranslationsSorry we can’t help
Custom DevelopmentSorry we can’t help


Support for WC Vendors products is provided as long as WC Vendors are actively in development. Should any of the following occur, WC Vendors will no longer be responsible for providing support for WC Vendors products.

  1. WC Vendors is no longer actively developed as a viable product
  2. WC Vendors or its parent company is purchased or bought out by another company
  3. WordPress or WooCommerce is no longer actively developed.

We will attempt to provide the best possible support for our products, we do not guarantee that any particular support query can or will be answered to the extent that the inquirer is completely satisfied. If you are not happy, please reach out, and we’ll do what we can to resolve the issue.

License holders

We provide support for products purchased from us on wcvendors.com. We do not provide support for anyone that has purchased our products from 3rd parties. You must have an active license to receive premium support. Support can only be provided to the person/company that purchased the license. A license is non-transferable. We will only support the license on the domain you have activated the license on and your staging server. The staging server must be on the same domain name.

Sharing or reselling your license key is not allowed. If we discover a violation of this rule, we reserve the right to immediately suspend the account without notice, indefinitely.

Annual & Lifetime (Legacy) Support coverage

For annual licenses, support, updates and plugin downloads are granted for one year after the original purchase based on the license that you have purchased. After one year is completed, the purchaser must renew their license in order to continue receiving support, updates, and access to download plugin files for the items purchased.

WC Vendors does not sell lifetime access any longer but for existing lifetime licenses, support, updates and plugin downloads are granted for three years after the original purchase based on the license that you have purchased. After three years is completed, the purchaser will continue receiving a lifetime of updates, and access to download plugin files for the items purchased. If support is required after three years, then the purchaser must purchase an extended support license.

WordPress & WooCommerce

We cannot provide support for WordPress or WooCommerce.

Support Times

We aim to respond to premium support questions within 12 hours during the week (Monday – Friday) and 48 hours on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays).

WordPress Dashboard Access

We have a policy to only perform our debugging work on a staging copy of your site. At no point will we ask for web hosting access. There will be times when we will require a login to your WordPress staging install to debug your issues. We encourage all our customers to run staging servers so that they can test and develop before publishing this to their website. This ensures your business continues to operate while you test updates or possible issues.

We cannot be held liable for any consequences that may arise from the access you grant us. It is your responsibility to ensure your website’s data integrity, security and availability. We highly recommend that customers take a complete backup and run a staging server before granting our premium support with access.

Web hosting access

At no point will we request or use direct web hosting access. This includes but not limited to cPanel, Plesk or other web hosting control panels. If you require a staging site and are unable to provide this, please contact your hosting provider.


Translations are very particular to your specific use case and for this reason, we cannot support or supply translations. Any translations we include in our products are provided by people just like you who want to help their fellow users. These translations are not supported by us but by the users who contribute them. Our products are translation ready and provide the base English language file ready for you to create your own translations. If there is a string missing or not translating, please ensure that you have synced the language file with the most up to date one. If it’s still not working, please contact support.


We are continuing to update and advance our products. To this end, there are times when new or existing bugs may come to light. If you find a bug or think you have found a bug please report it to our support team and we will investigate. If this is a security issue than we will work on a bug fix and release it as soon as possible. For other bugs that are non-critical they will be released in the next version of the software. If you need the bug fix before this, please request it from support and we will do what we can do accommodate your request.

Report a Bug

We do what we can to avoid any bugs in software, but there are times when this is not the case. If you find a bug please report it to the relevant team.

Report a bug – WC Vendors Report a bug – Paid Products