The following features highlight the functionality of WC Vendors Pro. These are features available to vendors or marketplace administrators.

Vendor stores

Vendor stores are individual store fronts with a unique URL for each vendor. Each store has a limited amount of customization that can be performed by the vendor including branding and social profiles.

Front end dashboard

The front end dashboard is what makes WC Vendors Pro so powerful. It allows you to provide a seamless front end experience for your vendors. They can manage every aspect of their store from the front end with no need to ever see the WordPress dashboard.


Vendors can list various product types including all built in types from both the front end and the backend in free. With our extensions they can also sell bookable products and soon they will be able to sell subscriptions.

Order Management

Vendors can manage their orders on the front end including marking the orders shipped, adding order notes and even printing out shipping labels and picking lists.


With WC Vendors Pro vendors can create coupons for their customers that will be applied at checkout to their products only. This ensures that coupons created by one vendor cannot be used on other vendors stores. Marketplace level coupons are currently not supported at this time.


WC Vendors Pro provides the most comprehensive shipping module of any marketplace plugin. This includes a flat rate national and international system as well as a table rate shipping system. There are also minimum and maximum purchase thresholds and much more.

Vendor Ratings

When vendors sell products their customers can rate their products easily giving valuable feedback to further increase sales for each vendor.


Vendors can get information about their current commissions due, paid and sales data.


Allowing your vendors complete control over their stores with detailed settings options ensures that you can focus on the core of running your marketplace.

Admin features


Both WC Vendors and WC Vendors pro provides the ability for you  to set commission rates at a global, vendor or product level. Pro also includes more advanced commission structures. Commission payments can be scheduled using our Paypal Payouts extension or paid instantly utilizing our Stripe Connect payment gateway extension. If you are using a payment gateway that we currently don’t support commissions for then you can export the commissions and pay them as you see fit.

Manage Capabilities

You can enable and disable a variety of features on the front end and the back end dashboards. This ensures that you only enable the features that work for your marketplace.


With the front end dashboard, there are a number of forms that can be customized via templates. There are also default forms provided for simple products and downloadable products which reduces the fields on the forms to only details required for these kinds of products. You can even define your own custom forms and assign them to the front end. Admin options make it easy to enable and disable specific fields from these forms.

Approval System

With WC Vendors Pro you can manage the approval of products globally or on a per vendor basis. You can also restrict access to listing new products for any or all vendors


Both free and pro provide automatic updates and notifications to ensure you are running the most up to date versions of our plugins.