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Create your own marketplace and allow vendors to sell products just like etsy, Envato, eBay, or Amazon! You can sell physical, digital or variable products on your marketplace.

WC Vendors Marketplace is the best way to create your multi-vendor marketplace and earn money from every sale.


Create your own marketplace and allow vendors to sell products just like etsy, Envato, eBay, or Amazon! You can sell physical, digital or variable products on your marketplace.

WC Vendors Marketplace is the best way to create your multi-vendor marketplace and earn money from every sale.


WC Vendors Marketplace has been used to build a variety of multivendor marketplaces including:

  • Online Art Gallery
  • Local Farmers Markets
  • Cooking Classes
  • Sports Memorbillia Auction site
  • Used book store
  • Hand made furniture
  • Much much more


WC Vendors marketplace comes with a Setup Wizard to guide you through the inital setup of your marketplace. This gets you up and running quickly read to earn.


WC Vendors Marketplace has been on the market for 5 years, releasing regular updates for smooth operation of your marketplace. We focus on including the best ecommerce features for our users. We pride ourselves on providing prompt, quality support as well as high quality secure, robust code.

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With WC Vendors Marketplace there is no restrictions on the number of vendors or products your marketplace can create. Your vendors will be able to create a marketplaces selling a range of different products such as

This allows you to create all kinds of marketplaces such as

  • Hand made wooden furniture store
  • Digital download marketplaces selling music or photos
  • A booking marketplace to sell cooking classes
  • An auction site like ebay


WC Vendors Marketplace has an advanced commission system that allows you to set commisions for a variaty of situations


  • Percentage
  • Percentate + fee (Pro)
  • Fixed (Pro)
  • Fixed + fee (Pro)
  • Sales by vendor (Pro)
  • Sales by Product (Pro)
  • Product Price (Pro)

Read about our commissions here

WC Vendors Membership

WC Vendors Membership allows you to create and sell membership plans to your vendors. Setting different limits for your vendors on what products they can sell. Features include

  • Create as many plans as you like
  • Plan based commissions
  • Set limits on products, categories, files and storage
  • Easy to use subscription system for your vendors
  • With the use of WooCommerce Subscriptions, you can setup a membership marketplace today!

Create your vendor membership site today


You are able to control how products are published, vendor registration be it manual or automatic, what product types the vendors can post and customer information the vendors can see.

With WC Vendors Pro you have even finer grained control. You have total control of the product edit forms including what fields are visible and what are required for vendors. By providing a complete frontend dashboard for your vendors you can allow them to manage their storefronts while you can focus on sales and marketing.


Now you can design the look of your store with multiple options available. There are several vendor specific shortcodes available for admins to utilise around their site. For vendor store fronts there are 10 great widgets available in WC Vendors Pro. You can place these in any widget enabled area within your theme and are restricted to the vendor store fronts. This is a great way to choose which features you’d like your vendors store fronts to have.

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Compatible with over 100+ payment gateways to take payments from your customers. You can use any payment gateway that is compatible with WooCommerce to receive payments. If you want to also pay your vendors through your marketplace, then you can use our compatible vendor payment gateways.

Vendor Payment Gateways

  • Stripe Connect Commissions & Gateway
  • Payouts for WC Vendors
  • MangoPay for WooCommerce
  • Escrow for WooCommerce
  • Mollie Connect for WC Vendors
  • Square Payment Gateway for WCVendors


Vendor Stores

  • Sellers get their own store and unique URL
  • Store fronts can be customised through templates
  • Multiple store front styles (Pro feature)
  • 10 great pro widgets for store fronts (pro feature)
  • Vendor store notices to advertise coupons or sales (Pro Feature)
  • Vendor vacation mode (Pro Feature)
  • Vendor social media profiles (Pro Feature)
  • Vendor Store SEO (Pro feature)
  • Store Opening hours (Pro Feature)

Vendor Dashboard

  • Basic frontend dashboard for sales and orders reports
  • Vendors can mark orders shipped
  • WordPress Admin for publishing products
  • Export orders
  • Complete frontend dashboard with no WordPress admin access for vendors (Pro feature)
  • Complete product, order, coupon management (Pro Feature)
  • Add tracking numbers to ordres (Pro Feature)
  • Print shipping labels (Pro Feature)

Earn in multiple ways

  • Percentage based commission split between the admin and the seller
  • Set commission rates at the product, vendor or global level
  • Fixed, fee, tiered commissions based on sales of products, vendor or price (Pro Feature)
  • Sell vendor memberships (Paid Add On)

Product Management

  • Vendors can manage their products from the WordPress Admin
  • Manage all product types and their options from the frontend dashboard (Pro Feature)
  • Manage and create atributes, variations (Pro Feature)
  • Manage shipping at the product level (Pro Feature)
  • Customers can review products. Vendors cannot modify these reviews (Pro Feature)

Vendor Discount Management (Pro Feature)

  • Vendors can create and manage their coupons
  • Vendors can set the limits, expiry of coupons

Shipping management(Pro Feature)

  • Shipping can be set at the product, vendor or global level
  • Vendors can set their shipping policies
  • Table rate shipping options
  • Flat rate shipping options

Advanced Options to control every aspect of your marketplace (Pro Feature)

  • Admins can manage their vendors and applications
  • Vendor earning reports
  • Automatic plugin updates and support
  • Setup wizard for easy configuration of advanced features
  • Advanced Form management
    • Three different product form templates available (Standard, Simple and Downloadable)
    • Make any field required
    • Hide any field or section from the vendors
  • And much much more..



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