WC Vendors Finds The Perfect New Home In Rymera

WC Vendors Finds The Perfect New Home In Rymera

Over 10,000 active installs. A near-perfect average review score. A strong track record of more than 8 years helping e-commerce businesses thrive. These are all accomplishments achieved by WC Vendors – the best multi-vendor marketplace plugin for WooCommerce.

And today, I’m delighted to announce that WC Vendors is joining the Rymera Web Co family.

WC Vendors founder, Jamie Madden, has done a spectacular job leading the WC Vendors team. And because he’s a fellow resident of Brisbane, Australia, I’ve watched his growth as a WordPress leader with great interest and pride.

For 12 years, Jamie and his team transformed WC Vendors into a highly polished e-commerce tool trusted by tens of thousands of people worldwide. As all things go, however, he ultimately realized he was ready to pursue other dreams. This led to us exploring what lay in store for the plugin.

We came to the conclusion that the best way to do WC Vendors and its community justice would be to give it new ownership.

Thanks to my team’s experience running two successful WooCommerce plugins – Wholesale Suite and Advanced Coupons – we’re confident that we’ve found WC Vendors the perfect new home in the Rymera family of e-commerce tools.

Introducing Rymera Web Co!

Hello and welcome! I’m Josh Kohlbach, the CEO of Rymera Web Co. I founded this company with the goal of helping businesses flourish in a world that’s going increasingly digital. For this reason, we focus on developing powerful yet user-friendly tools that streamline business processes for e-commerce, allowing our clients to compete in the crowded online marketplace.

Our efforts have resulted in the creation of two top-rated WooCommerce extensions that any online store owner can use to boost their enterprise:

Wholesale Suite: the #1 WooCommerce wholesale plugin for B2B. Boasting features such as optimized order forms, wholesale pricing, lead capture, and more, Wholesale Suite brings your entire wholesale business online. In the process, it simplifies various wholesaling processes and provides customers with an amazing ordering experience.

wholesale suite
Wholesale Suite is the best WooCommerce wholesale plugin for B2B

Advanced Coupons: the best WooCommerce coupon plugin. Expanding more than 15,000 online stores globally, Advanced Coupons lets customers create a wide range of special offers. These include various coupon discount types, store credit systems, loyalty programs, gift cards, BOGO deals, and more.

advanced coupons
Advanced Coupons is the #1 WooCommerce coupon plugin

We love the WooCommerce niche and are determined to help business owners attain their goals. And with WC Vendors now being integrated with our other fantastic products, we hope to make a lot more dreams come true!

How Our Acquisition Of WC Vendors Will Impact Our Community

Are you worried that our latest acquisition will have a negative effect on Wholesale Suite, Advanced Coupons, and WC Vendors itself? Don’t be! These tools will continue to function as intended and serve you as they always have.

The entire WC Vendors team, minus Jamie, is crossing over into the Rymera family. Therefore, if you’ve stayed loyal to WC Vendors all these years, you can expect support from the same friendly and talented people you’ve come to rely on.

Furthermore, we’ll be adding more experts to the WC Vendors team to ensure the smoothest transition possible, the satisfaction of all our valuable customers, and the continued evolution of the plugin.

Speaking of evolution, WC Vendors will be seeing various refreshes here and there, especially on the admin- and vendor-facing sides. Our dedicated team of developers is also planning to introduce many new features and improvements to the plugin. Again, don’t worry; these changes are meant to further refine WC Vendors, not change it into something unrecognizable.

wc vendors
WC Vendors is the best multi-vendor marketplace plugin for WooCommerce

The Future Of WC Vendors And Rymera

Rymera has years of experience developing WooCommerce extensions and serving thousands of businesses all over the planet. For this reason, we know WC Vendors has a bright future with us. Armed with an intimate knowledge of the WordPress and WooCommerce ecosystem as well as a deep understanding of store owners, we can confidently state that this acquisition is the game changer WC Vendors needs to become the best version of itself.

Of course, our focus remains on helping businesses reach their objectives. Therefore, we’re going to keep striving towards building a robust, reliable, and hassle-free multi-vendor solution. This will let us grant every store owner the power to create a highly profitable marketplace.

Yes, we’ve got a ton of work to do ahead of us. However, this isn’t a challenge we’re going to back down from – not to mention our team possesses both the skills and enthusiasm to meet such challenges head-on. Furthermore, we’ve already prepared a concrete strategy outlining how to achieve our objectives for WC Vendors. So stay tuned and expect to enjoy a bunch of awesome surprises in the next 12 months!

I wish to extend my gratitude to Jamie Madden. Without his ingenuity and unparalleled work ethic, we wouldn’t have WC Vendors, and the online marketplace niche wouldn’t be where it is today. I believe I speak on behalf of the entire Rymera team when I say I am deeply honored to carry on his legacy.

Last but not least, I wish to thank everyone who has backed WC Vendors throughout the years. I commit to maintaining our positive relationship and upholding the high standards you expect from WC Vendors.


Josh Kohlbach

CEO of Rymera Web Co

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