WC Vendors Gateway Stripe Connect V2.2.0 Released.

We are excited to announce the release of WC Vendors Gateway Stripe Connect v2.2.0 which has been under development for quite some time. In this release, we focused on adding the new Stripe Checkout integration, Upgrading the Stripe API Version and bug fixing some bugs.

Introducing Stripe Checkout

The Stripe Checkout product comes with a lot of benefits for store owners, these include but not limited to PCI compliance and built-in fraud prevention, when using Stripe Checkout, customers can pay using a host of payment methods like Card payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay and a host of other third-party payment providers all tightly integrated within one solution.

Stripe Checkout will appear as a separate gateway in WooCommerce payment settings page, and some additional steps need to be followed to fully integrate the plugin with Stripe Checkout. Follow this guide to set up Stripe Checkout.

Learn more about Stripe Checkout.

Stripe API

There have been some changes in the Stripe API and as a result we had to upgrade our plugin to use the latest Stripe API Version. The latest Stripe API Version updated by the plugin is version 2022-11-15.


* Updated: Stripe API 2022-11-15 #140

* Added: Stripe Checkout Gateway #131

* Fixed: Typo on email templates #139

* Fixed: Marketplace commission not paid when customer uses Vendor Coupon #137

* Fixed: Commissions collection not occurring for automatic subscription renewals #128

Update to latest version of WC Vendors Gateway Stripe Connect

To install or update the WC Vendors Stripe Connect Gateway, simply download the zip file from the my-account page on our website and follow the instructions in the integration guide.


If you have any issues, please don’t hesitate to send a support ticket.

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