WC Vendors Marketplace v2.1.5 released – Update Now

We have recently released an update for WC Vendors Marketplace: v 2.1.5!

Whats New?

Commissions Table

Commissions Table now includes the quantity field, we have also updated the styling on this page to make the commissions table easier to read.


Vendor dashboard navigation

The vendor dashboard navigation has been turned into a shortcode so that it can be hooked into programmatically.

Language files updated

We have also updated all the shipped language files to ensure that the language string references are up to date and correct. If you choose to use the community supplied translation files instead of creating your own.

Templates updated

  • templates/dashboard/links.php
  • templates/dashboard/navigation.php


* Added: Quantity to the commissions table
* Added: Add shortcode for free dashboard navigation #515
* Added: Filter for product data tabs (#527)
* Updated: Changed how vendor roles are assigned #528
* Updated: Updated tip text to have the correct context
* Updated: language file (#532)


The update will show up in your plugins updates within the next 24 hours from WordPress.org


If you have any issues or questions be sure to post them to our support forums on wordpress.org

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Jamie is the founder and lead developer of WC Vendors. He has been working in the WordPress, WooCommerce and Marketplace space for more than 15 years, 9 of those dedicated to multivendor marketplaces.

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