WC Vendors Pro v1.5.7 released

WC Vendors Pro v1.5.7 is now available for download. We have addressed a few bugs in this release as well as introduced a few new features.

Whats New ?

We have added support for the Vendor_id in WooCommerce the import/export tool in admin. The vendor_id can now be set in the import or export file.

In addition, there is now an option in admin to include taxes in the calculation of shipping thresholds for Vendor Shipping ( min/max/free shipping).

Another requested feature we have added is the handling fee display on the product page under the “shipping” tab.  Now on the product page customers can view the handling fee along with the shipping fees.

Actions added before and after settings tabs

The final new feature added in this release are Actions added before and after each settings tab.  This will enable customization, more fields or functions to be added to that form if you wish to do so while customizing, and reduce or negate the need to modify the template to make many types of changes to the settings form.


We’ve taken care of some bugs with this release- seen below in the changelog.

Specifically, we had issues with the vendor settings screen, the tabs and the product add/edit option not showing on some installs. These have been fixed.

We have also worked to get our automatic update system up and running again- so these should now be available in admin for WC Vendors Marketplace and WC Vendors Pro.

To add these features and provide the fixes, there was a template update.

Please be sure that if you are overriding this template in your child theme, you re-copy and apply your changes to the new template so that it will remain current:

  • templates/dashboard/store-settings.php

The Changelog for v1.5.7

* Added: Vendor support to Product Import/Export tool for admins #823
* Added: Shipping setting to include taxes during threshold calculations #819
* Added: Show Product Handling fee on Product page Shipping Tab #645
* Added: Actions before and after each settings tab
* Fixed: Shipping fields missing from product edit #827
* Fixed: Inventory required fields are not functioning #826
* Fixed: Vendor settings page tabs not showing when clicked
* Fixed: Google maps integration errors #820
* Fixed: Coupon product restrictions not saving correctly. Thanks David R
* Fixed: Duplicate product error when delete disabled #821
* Fixed: Incorrect filter arguments thanks David
* Fixed: Percentage values not working correctly
* Fixed: Incorrect coupon form label
* Fixed: Set default options to ensure product edits forms render correctly on fresh installs
* Fixed: Shipping thresholds were only checking greater than the amounts set, not including the amounts set
* Fixed: Console error on products list page
* Fixed: Incorrect setting name causing product tab to not show on some installs
* Fixed: Spelling issue

* Templates Updated:


This update should show up in your plugins updates however if it doesn’t you can download it from your my-account/downloads page.


If you have any questions or issues be sure to send in a ticket.


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