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Welcome to the brand new release article / blog series for WC Vendors Pro. I will be writing a new post for every release moving forward to make it a bit easier for our users to learn about what we’ve added, what’s changed and what’s fixed. It has come to my attention that not everyone reads the changelogs we include with every release and I can understand why, it’s a text file in the source code. Not easy to read when you use the update system (when it works).

Today I’m going to go over what’s out in this release including a quick overview of the new features, bug fixes and templates updated. Here we go!

What’s new?

Firstly an overview of the new features added since our last release. We’ve added a few things for marketplace admins and a couple for the vendors.

Commission Overrides Import tool

We allow you to override commissions for products and for vendors in free and we also allow this in pro. What we didn’t have until now was a clean way to import those overrides into pro so that they are utilized during commission calculations. If you’re having problems with your free overrides not working or being ignored you can use the import tool to bring them inline with pro.

This tool is available under WooCommerce > System Status > Tools tab.  Scroll down to find the tools you require. You will also notice two WC Vendors tools that we added in v1.9.2 of free.

WooCommerce > System Status > Tools
Import commission overrides from WC Vendors.

Dashboard Orders Page Display Options 

Recently we have been getting more requests to modify what is displayed on the orders table and order details on the vendors dashboard. We have plenty of example code on how to do this but we thought it was time to make this a little easier. Now if you want to disable the display of some of the customer information ( minus the columns themselves ) you can do so via options in the wp-admin dashboard.

To change what is displayed to the vendor on the Orders table navigate to WooCommerce > WC Vendors > Pro tab and scroll down to Permissions.  From here you can choose to disable the following from the orders table and view order details and actions.

Order Table & Details 

  • Customer Name ( table and details )
  • Customer Shipping Address ( table and details )
  • Customer Billing Address ( details only )
  • Customer Phone ( table and details ) disabled by default


  • View Order Details
  • Shipping Label
  • Order Note
  • Tracking Number
  • Mark Shipped
Disable the display of different information on the orders table and details
Disable the display of different information on the orders table and details

Vendor Tools on Single Product Page 

When maintaining your store as a vendor you will often view your products directly on the single product page. If you notice there is an error you need to go to the dashboard and then to the product page, then load the product edit to make your changes. Not any more! When enabled you will get a handy set of tools on your single product page to go directly to the edit, duplicate or delete screen.

For this to work the marketplace admin first has to enable the option in WooCommerce > WC Vendors > Pro under the General Options. The last option in this list is called ‘Single Product Tools’. Tick to enable it and now your vendors will be a few clicks closer to managing their stores.

Enable single product page tools for vendors.
Enable single product page tools for vendors.

Once this is enabled your vendors will get a link like the following on their single product page. These actions will abide by the same permissions as the rest of the vendor dashboard. If any of these actions are disabled they will not be shown on the single product page. If all of these actions are disabled, then tools will not display, even if enabled in the admin area.

Single product page
Single product page

Multi Word Tags are here

This has been an outstanding feature request for a long time and we’re happy to announce that this is now supported. By default when adding tags you can use a space ( ) or a comma (,) to separate your tags. With this new admin option you can disable space and require a comma to separate your tags. This will lead to multi word tags. Firstly you will need to enable the option. Navigate to WooCommerce > WC Vendors > Product Form and scroll down to Options to the ‘Tag Separator’  change this to Comma only (,) to enable multi word tags.

Default tag seaparator
Default tag separator
Allow multi word tags with this option
Allow multi word tags with this option




Vendors will now have the ability to have multi word tags added and they will look like this.

Front end multi word tags
Front end multi word tags

Limit Tag Selection

This is a feature was actually introduced all the way back in v1.2.5  but until now didn’t actually work as expect. Now you can enable this option and limit your vendors to defined tags only. To enable limited tag selection navigate to WooCommerce > WC Vendors > Product Form  then scroll down to Options and you will find ‘Tag Display’. Changing this to ‘Multi select limited’ will mean vendors will no longer be able to add tags but select from your predefined list.

Default allows vendors to add tags
Default allows vendors to add tags
This will limit vendors to existing tag selection only.
This will limit vendors to existing tag selection only.




Language files

Every release we ship new default language files that sometimes include new translation strings. If you are maintaining a translation other than english please be sure to load the language files and update, edit any existing translations. Also be sure to send them through to us so we can include them in the next update. You can send any translation files (po/mo) to translate ( at ) wcvendors.com and we’ll be sure to include them.

Bug fixes

This release comes on the back of a few hiccups with our shipping module in the previous two releases. There was an underlying bug I found in checkboxes and how browsers output the value meant that if everyone was working with Chrome then you probably wouldn’t have noticed the bug at all. All other browsers your milage may have varied. Once I noticed this bug I went and updated what I thought was all our code regarding this but alas I missed a few. I have triple and triple checked all our checkboxes and how they save and load the values on the front end and the backend so this should not be a problem. If by chance I have missed any please let me know on our forums and I’ll make sure to fix it asap. Here is a list of our bug fixes, for any questions related to these please post them over on our forums. One fix to take note of is the store header phone number display. This required updating the template so be sure to update the store-header template if you’re overriding this.

  • Dashboard reports incorrect price breakdown #450
  • Default for attribute capability not loading
  • Options defaults don’t load on initial plugin install #448
  • Check if terms page is set when processing application on new installs
  • Save fields for pending vendors also
  • Shop header: phone number in wrong spot #449
  • Sass not compiling
  • Dashboard permalink flushed correctly on activation
  • Remove debug code from template #446
  • International shipping settings issues #445
  • Trusted Vendor, Verified, etc. selections in admin are not saving #444
  • Inherit Free’s Commission Structure for global settings #414
  • Activation error if post type doesn’t exist.
  • Undefined value warning on dashboard
  • Shipping checkboxes not loading values in admin area


As mentioned in the bug fixes section we have one template updated this release. Be sure to update your override to the latest to get all the latest and greatest !


What’s Next?

Version 1.4.0 

Next up on the road map is getting more work done on v1.4.0 which will bring the under the hood changes to allow us to complete our booking integration. There will be options and filters in the variations to allow you to hide and show fields and hook your own in. There will also be some work on the shipping system to get the always requested min/max shipping working on a per vendor/order basis. This is going to take a bit of time to complete so please be patient. There will also be a lot of other enhancements and features that I’ll roll in as we always do with every release.

Licensing system 

As some of you are aware I am in the process of writing our own update and license server to replace the system we currently have. Unless anything in pro and free breaks significantly in the next week or so all my attention will be on getting this new system in place. The aim is have this included in v1.4.0.  We see the constant problems and frustrations you are having with license activation’s and want to fix this as soon as we can. It’s just not possible with the 3rd party system we rely on so I’m building my own.

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Jamie is the founder and lead developer of WC Vendors. He has been working in the WordPress, WooCommerce and Marketplace space for more than 15 years, 9 of those dedicated to multivendor marketplaces.

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