How the Vendor Manage Their Subscriptions?

WC Vendors WooCommerce Subscriptions allow vendors to manage current subscriptions belong to those vendors only.

After activating the plugin, a new Subscriptions menu is added to the Pro Dashboard navigation. This page lists all subscriptions of the current vendor through an informative table like the above figure. Vendors can perform some management tasks from there.

View Subscription Detail

To view the details of subscriptions, hover on the row of that subscription, a View Subscription link will appear. Clicking on that link gives you a popup of subscription details.

Cancel a Subscription

  1. To cancel a subscription, hover on the row of that subscription, a View detail link and a Cancel link will appear.
  2. Click on the Cancel link.
  3. A prompt shows, click on OK to confirm cancellation.


  • After confirming the action, the subscription status will be changed to Pending Cancellation. It will eventually change to Cancelled after the remaining subscription period ends.
  • The vendor can reactivate the subscription by clicking on the Reactivate link that appears when hovering on the row of a pending subscription.
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