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What are Supported Subscription Payment Gateways?

WC Vendors WooCommerce Subscriptions enables WC Vendors Pro to support the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin. Our plugin exposes subscription features to vendors where needed in the WC Vendors Pro dashboard.

Our product does not affect the payment systems that are supported. The payment gateways that support subscriptions are outlined in the WooCommerce documentation.

WooCommerce Subscriptions Payment Gateways

View supported payment gateways to take payments from customers.

This list of gateways is not controlled by WC Vendors but by WooCommerce.

Vendor Payouts from subscriptions

If you require your subscription payments to go automatically to your vendors then you will also need to use a payment gateway or payout system that is written to support the WC Vendors Commission system.

The following payment systems that support paying vendors their commissions and subscriptions are:

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