Vendor Product Management

Vendors have a simple use interface for managing products from their dashboard from the Products tab. From this tab, vendors have the option to add, duplicate, edit, or delete a product. They can check each of the product’s statuses from here as well. Please take note that these actions are controlled by how the administrator sets the capabilities settings in the WordPress Dashboard > WC Vendors > Settings > Capabilities.

Product Actions

Adding / Editing Products

Once a vendor clicks on the Add/Edit, they will be redirected to the page that holds the add-edit product page template, where vendors would be able to add or edit the details of their products.

This template is ready for customization and can be accessed within your site’s directory (…/templates/dashboard/product-edit.php). You can read more about template customization from this article – Template Overrides.

Importing/Exporting Products

Vendors can proceed in importing products using a CSV file containing their products’ data. They will also be able to use the Export button to generate their own CSV file with their products’ data within it.

You can read more about these features from this guide – Import/Export Products.

Duplicating Products

Duplicating a product is supported by WC Vendors, though, this is not enabled by default. The administrator will need to allow the vendors to use it by enabling it from the WordPress Dashboard > WC Vendors Settings > Capabilities > Products tab, the option is labeled as “Duplicate product“:

After the admin enables this option, the vendors can immediately proceed in duplicating products from the dashboard:

Deleting Products

Unlike the duplicate action, the delete product option needs to be unchecked by the administrator to enable it from the WordPress Dashboard > WC Vendors Settings > Capabilities > Products tab.

After doing so, the action should be available for the vendors’ usage in the dashboard, a validation will be prompted for the vendor to validate the erasure of the selected product:

Viewing Products

The “View” action will simply redirect the vendor to their product’s page (single-product page). This action lets them take a preview of the customer’s overview of a product.

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