WC Vendors Emails Overview

There are a number of emails included with WC Vendors. All emails can be found in the following area of the WordPress Admin area. The majority of our email functionality is found in WC Vendors Marketplace.

WooCommerce > Settings > Emails

Admin Emails

There are a number of emails that the marketplace admin will receive for various actions within your marketplace.

EmailPurposeEmail Template
Admin notify vendor applicationNotify the admin that a new vendor application has been received.templates/emails/admin-notify-application.php
Admin notify vendor approvedNotify the recipients in the list that a vendor has been approvedtemplates/emails/admin-notify-vendor-approved.php
Admin New vendor productNotify the admin when a new product has been submitted for approval.templates/emails/admin-notify-product.php
Admin notify vendor shippedNotify the admin that the vendor has shipped an ordertemplates/emails/admin-notify-shipped.php

Vendor Emails

There are a number of email notifications that vendors receive from various actions of the marketplace.

Vendor notify applicationThe vendor is notified that their application has been received.
Vendor notify approvedNotify the vendor their application has been approved
Vendor notify deniedNotify the vendor their application has been denied
Vendor notify orderNotify the vendor they have received an order
Vendor notify canceled orderNotify the vendor order has been canceled
Vendor store contact widgetThis is the email sent to the vendors from the contact widget on the vendor store page

Customer Emails

Customers will already receive various email notifications from WooCommerce. In addition to these emails, customers will also receive the following emails.

Vendor ShippedThe customer is notified when the vendor has shipped their producttemplates/emails/customer-notify-shipped.php
Mark received*The customer is sent a notification which is a reminder to mark their order from the specific vendors received.
*: WC Vendors Pro Email

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