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WC Vendors Stripe Connect

Getting Started

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How to Setup WC Vendors Stripe Connect Plugin?

This is the documentation for the Stripe Connect Commissions & Gateway plugin. To purchase it, click here. With this extension,...

What are the Requirements for WC Vendor Stripe Connect?

WC Vendors Stripe Connect requires the following Please ensure that you have followed our installation and configuration requirements. After this,...

How to Set Vendor Payout Schedules?

Stripe Connect provides three options for Vendor Payouts: Automatic Payout This is the default option and will pay out the...

How Refund Requests Works on WC Vendor Stripe Connect?

Our Stripe Connect plugin has support for refunds. This allows vendors to send a refund request to the marketplace admin...

Common Errors

Error during checkout: Must be in an application context to share a resource There is a vendor connected to your...