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Karen Thomas

Hi Ben,

Thanks so much for the functions.php code 🙂 Us Brits aren’t familiar with ‘Vendor’

It’s worked a treat on my Registration, Seller info tab and Sold by in Cart – THANK YOU 🙂

I just need to change Sold by on the Gallery pages and Product pages now. (by ‘Gallery pages’ I mean when you have lots of products listed before you click in for more detail.

I’ll cut and paste the code I’ve used here just in case I’ve done something wrong!:

/* WC Vendors – Change Apply to become a vendor? on registration pages */
add_filter( ‘wcvendors_vendor_registration_checkbox’, ‘custom_wcvendors_vendor_registration_checkbox’ ,10, 1 );
function custom_wcvendors_vendor_registration_checkbox( $message ) {
$message = “Apply to become a Craftie?”;
return $message;

/* WC Vendors – Change Seller Info to Expert Details */
add_filter( ‘wcvendors_seller_info_label’, ‘custom_wcvendors_seller_info_label’ ,10, 1 );
function custom_wcvendors_seller_info_label( $message ) {
$message = “About Me”;
return $message;

/* WC Vendors – Change Sold by to Offered by: in cart */
add_filter( ‘wcvendors_cart_sold_by’, ‘custom_wcvendors_cart_sold_by’ ,10, 1 );
function custom_wcvendors_cart_sold_by( $message ) {
$message = “Made by”;
return $message;

/* WC Vendors – Change Sold by to Offered by: in product meta */
add_filter( ‘wcvendors_cart_sold_by_meta’, ‘custom_wcvendors_cart_sold_by_meta’ ,10, 1 );
function custom_wcvendors_cart_sold_by_meta( $message ) {
$message = “Made by”;
return $message;

Many thanks,


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