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Jaypreet Thukral


Well you can say in your terms that it is an opinion. But if I see the trend of the marketplace Industry; vendor able to buy its own products, does not happen in any of the sites.

Also with due respect I would like you understand my situation. The issues is that we two are in different timezone. When in US its night here Its day so if 1 query has to resolved its takes entire 24 hours. If I send you a question in day you reply in night as per time and I see resolution next day morning. After waiting for 24 hours if I get a reply something like this.

[[1.) You have a false sense of what a “bug” is. That is not a bug. It works as it should. If you dont like it that’s your opinion, but you can do something about it if you want to, just go to docs.wcvendors.com and you’ll figure it out.

2.) Cant help, you’ve given me nothing to reproduce or test.]]

which does not tell me anything.

For the same question Anna gave an answer and I was able to progress. At least if you guide me to the right direction I will be able to do something.

I was able to do the shipping part- Thanks to Anna for the Guidance.

But still I am struggling in Vendor buying its own product- I read entire files in docs, was not able to take it on my head. Please guide which documentation are you referring to in docs.wcvendors.com.


P.S- I am not here to disrespect anyone. I just want things to work out in best and the positive way.

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