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Hi Anna,

Thanks for getting back to me on that.
The issue I have with WPML is that even after following this post on the issue I get the pro dashboard translated (which could sound like a good thing) but then inner pages and tabs such as “add product” go to error 404.

Then my concern is regarding vendors content translation. I believe that there is no easy way to let vendor manage their own multi lingual content, is that correct?

What I am looking for, or trying to achieve is a marketplace where the main language is Lithuanian and a second language is English. In a best scenario I would like the vendors to create/edit their own translations in the same way site admin can use WPML or qTranslate.

Another option would be to use Loco translate or upload po file of Lithuanian translation, run the site in Lithuanian and use something like Weglot or any tother auto-translation plugin to translate vendor content in English. But doing so, when a vendor would create a product on his pro dashboard and using the site in English he could think he is editing/creating an English version of his product when he actually is creating a product in the main site language which is Lithuanian.

And a mix of those would be an even better option where the vendor is able to select in which language he is creating his content (one or two languages) and if only one the missing translation would be done by some Weglot or any other similar plugin.

With what I have tested so far I don’t see a good way to run WC vendors in a logical way that is technically possible with any plugin available. So, not considering the logical or business side of handling multilingual I would like to understand at least from technical side what is possible/realistic to do from the above with a hint of how to do it.

Thanks for the help and thanks for the great plugin you created, so far it works like a charm!


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