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How Commissions Work in WC Vendors?

Most marketplaces, including WC Vendors and WC Vendors Pro, rely on commissions to operate. This article explains how our commission system functions. WC Vendors Marketplace and WC Vendors Pro provide the ability to set commissions at various levels and various commission types.

All commission calculations are done on a per-product basis.

Commission Types

WC Vendors Marketplace has one commission type, while WC Vendors Pro provides a complex set of possible commission types to suit almost any marketplace.

WC Vendors Marketplace

  • Percentage

WC Vendors Pro

  • Percentage
  • Percentage + fee
  • Fixed
  • Fixed + fee
  • Tiered commissions
    • Sales by Vendor
    • Sales by product
    • Sales by product price

To learn how to adjust your commission settings you can read the commissions documentation available here.

When are commissions calculated?

Commissions are calculated when a payment has been received for an order. This means the order status of processing or complete will trigger a commission calculation.

Where can commission rates be set?

You can set commission rates in various areas of the system. This provides great flexibility for setting and calculating commissions for your vendors. The following four areas are available for setting commission rates.

  • Product
  • Product category (only available in WC Vendors Pro with single category select option enabled)
  • Vendor
  • Globally

This means that the system will check that there are commissions set at each of these levels and will stop executing once it finds a commission setting.

How are commissions calculated?

Commissions can be set at any and all of the levels mentioned above. The commission rate will depend on where it is set, product, product category, vendor or globally. The following diagram outlines our commission calculation flow.

WC Vendors Marketplace commission calculation flow

Once the commission level has been determined, the commission type is checked and then the commission is calculated and logged to the commission’s table.

Commissions Table

The commission’s table is a log of every vendor’s commission split. You can find the commission’s table under WordPress Admin > WC Vendors > Commissions.

Commission table

Taxes & Shipping

When calculating commission you can opt to give the vendors the taxes and shipping from an order. When you enable this, the full taxes and shipping for the product will be given to the vendor.


Taxes will need to be globally configured and this works in countries where the sales tax is not complicated like Australia. If you require a more complete tax solution, WC Vendors Pro will include one in the coming months.


For shipping to be given to vendors during commission the marketplace must be using a supported shipping system. WC Vendors Pro comes with two shipping systems that support our commission system. There are also several 3rd party shipping plugins that are also supported.

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