How to Create Vendor’s Only Menu?

WC Vendors Pro has added menu options so that you can easily create custom navigation on your site for your vendors. Previously you would need to use a plugin such as Nav Menu Roles to conditionally show menu items.

If you would like to create a menu for vendors outside of the vendor dashboard, you can add links to the various dashboard pages in the standard WordPress menus system.

We provide links to each of the main vendor dashboard pages. These are conditional menu items and will only show for users that have the role of Vendor.

WC Vendors Menu Items found under Appearance > Menus

Create Vendor Menu

First, enable the WC Vendors menu from the Screen Options:

Upon toggling this tab, activate the “WC Vendors” option from it to display all the WC Vendors items.

Afterward, the menu item will be shown from the “Add menu items” panel. Using these menu items you can quickly create a vendor-only menu. By adding these to a menu it will conditionally display them.

The logout menu item can be found under the WooCommerce endpoints menu items at the bottom.

Vendor Only Menu

This is the output on the front end when a vendor user is logged in. This allows them to quickly access their dashboard or view their store.

For all other users, the logout menu item will be the only menu item displayed for logged-in users. For logged-out users, the menu does not display at all.

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