How To Debug Theme Issues

This article is written to help you diagnose if your theme is REALLY 100% WooCommerce compatible. WC Vendors requires your theme to be 100% WooCommerce compatible. If it is not, you may not see shop headers on the /vendors/store-name/ pages, or other elements may not be displayed properly.  Here’s what to do:

1.) Look for /wp-content/themes/yourtheme/woocommerce.php -OR- /wp-content/themes/yourtheme-child/woocommerce.php

2.) Do you see it? If NO, then your theme is 100% WooCommerce compatible and all of the WC Vendors Free & Pro features should display properly.

3.) If YES, you DO see woocommerce.php — Houston, we have a problem! Let’s explain:

There’s two ways a theme author can add WooCommerce compatibility:

– The correct way, is to use the templates in WooCommerce or actions/filters. Most theme authors do it this way, because it’s the correct way and provides you, the admin, 100% WooCommerce compatibility.

– The incorrect way, is to create a file called woocommerce.php and add one line of code to it. Wow! It’s super fast, super easy, and also super broken. As outlined by WooThemes here:

“Note: When creating woocommerce.php in your theme‚Äôs folder, you will not be able to override the woocommerce/archive-product.php custom template as woocommerce.php has priority over archive-product.php. This is intended to prevent display issues.”

This means, your theme author took a shortcut,  giving you less choices in plugins you can use with WooCommerce, and providing LIMITED compatibility.

So, you have a woocommerce.php file, and now you know it’s bad. What do you do? There are 3 options:

1.) Contact your theme author, and tell them they are not 100% WooCommerce compatible, and to properly template out their theme. Then hope that the theme author responds and grants you your wishes. Show them this article, too!

2.) You can remove the woocommerce.php file, and tweak the theme yourself (Somewhat hard if you arent the theme author, but can be done!)

3.) Switch themes and get your money back from the original theme author.

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