Vendor Management Overview

As the marketplace administrator, you can manage your vendors and their related settings, products, and capabilities. Capabilities that apply to all vendors are managed in the WC Vendors Settings while vendor details are accessed via the WordPress users screen.

Manage a vendor

To manage a vendor you access their settings from the edit user page from the Users screen. This can be done by going to the WordPress admin panel and then navigating to the Users page.  Click on the username (vendor) you wish to edit. You can also filter the vendor role so you only see the available vendors.

Edit vendor store data

Vendor Information

This screen provides the marketplace admin a way to update any of the vendor store settings. All settings can be found under the WC Vendors heading on the edit screen. Some of the data listed below are only available in WC Vendors Pro.

  • All vendor store data including Shop name, address, description, information, url
  • Payment information
  • Commission override
  • Shipping settings (Pro)
  • Set the vendor to be trusted/untrusted (Pro)
  • Set the vendor to be verified (this shows on their store header) (Pro)
  • Update branding details (Pro)
  • Lock vendors from editing or publishing products (Pro)
  • Vacation mode, notice, and cart disable (Pro)
  • Store notice (Pro)
  • Disk and file usage limits (Pro)
  • Social media links (Pro)
  • Store policies including privacy, refund, shipping, and terms & conditions (Pro)
  • Store SEO (Pro)
Edit Vendor Store settings

Change existing user to vendor

You have the option to assign the vendor role to already registered users who do not currently have a vendor role. To do this, navigate to the WordPress admin panel, and then to Users.  Click on the username of the person you wish to grant the vendor role. On their user screen, you’ll see Roles with a drop-down box to select a role for this user.  Choose Vendor.

Change the role of an existing user to a vendor

Vendor Products

The marketplace admin can also assign products to vendors. There are three ways to assign products to vendors.

  • Import products and assign the vendor
  • Bulk-edit existing products and assign the vendor
  • Edit a single product and assign the vendor

Import Products

If you need to help the vendor add products, CSV upload products for a vendor and assign them at import. Or if you have already existing products you can bulk assign products or assign a single product. Vendors can also import their own products from their dashboards.

Bulk assign vendor to product

You can bulk assign vendors to multiple products from the bulk actions edit screen. product edit screen.

Assign a single product

You can assign an individual product to a vendor from the product edit screen. To do this, navigate to the WordPress admin panel menu > Products.  Find the product you wish to edit, and click edit.

On the product add/edit screen, there is a drop-down box for vendors.  Select the username of the vendor you wish to assign to this product. Save.  The vendor now “owns” this product and it will appear in their shop.

Manually assign a vendor to a single product


The vendor field not available

If the vendor dropdown is unavailable on the edit product page. Ensure that this column is enabled under screen options found on the top right of the page.

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