Vendor Product Import/Export

There might be a time when you need to import or export your products. The marketplace can enable these features or you can ask your marketplace support to import products for you.

Import Products

You can import products via the product import system. You will be uploading a CSV that must be in the correct format. The best way to get the correct format is to export a single product and then use the export file for your import.

To import products you will need to navigate to Products on your dashboard. From here you will find the import button.

Import products into your dashboard

Once you click the import button you will be guided to a multi-step process to import your products into the marketplace.

Upload CSV File

The first step in the upload process is to upload your import file. This must be in the CSV format. There are advanced options if you require them. The advanced options allow you to define the CSV delimiter which is a comma by default. You can also select to use previous column mapping. This means if you have imported products previously and set the column mapping from the second step, the import system will remember these for use next time.

Upload CSV File.

Column Mapping

The column mapping will read your file and then do its best to map your CSV columns with the ones required by the marketplace to import.

Sample of column mapping


The import screen will show you progress while it is importing. If you have a lot of products to import this will show the progress bar.

Importing Products Progress


The final step will show you that the import is complete including details of the import. If there was any errors or products that are not imported you can check the log that is included on this screen.

View Import Log

The following is an example of the product log and reasons for why products might be skipped or not imported.

Import Log

Export Products

To export products you will need to navigate to Products on your dashboard. From here you will find the export button.

Export products from your dashboard

Export options

There are four export options available to allow you to filter your exported products.

  • Columns to export
  • Product Types to export
  • Categories to export
  • Export custom metadata
Export options

Columns to export

This allows you to specify which columns you want to export. If you want to only export simple product information such as the title and description you can select just those columns.

Product Types to Export

Depending on which products your marketplace allows, you can select which kinds of products you want to export. Generally speaking, the following product types can be available.

  • Simple
  • Grouped
  • External/Affiliate
  • Variable
  • Product Variations
  • Subscriptions
  • Bookings
  • Auctions

Categories to export

This allows you to specify specific categories of products to export. This is limited to the product categories that you have used. This allows you to only export products from the categories you require.

Export Custom Meta

If you have any product-level shipping overrides you will want to ensure that this box is ticked if you require shipping settings to be imported.

Generate CSV

Once you have selected the options you require which could be some or none. If you don’t change any defaults then all of your products will be exported to a CSV file. You can use this CSV file to import your products as well.

Example Product Export CSV
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