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WC Vendors Marketplace Templates Overview

WC Vendors Marketplace has several templates to allow you to customize various aspects of your vendor marketplace and dashboard. The available templates are listed in the table below.

Vendor Dashboard Templates

Template file pathDescription
templates/dashboard/date-picker.phpThe date picker for reports template
templates/dashboard/reports.phpThe message for denied applications
templates/dashboard/navigation.phpThe dashboard navigation
templates/dashboard/orders.phpThe orders table
templates/dashboard/reports.phpThe sales reports table
templates/dashboard/denied.phpThe template is displayed to a user who has had their application denied

Vendor Dashboard Settings Templates

The vendor dashboard settings page is broken up into several templates.

Template file pathDescription
templates/dashboard/settings/paypal-email-form.phpThe PayPal email field
templates/dashboard/settings/seller-info.phpThe seller info field
templates/dashboard/settings/settings.phpThe main settings template
templates/dashboard/settings/shop-description.phpThe shop description field
templates/dashboard/settings/shop-name.phpThe shop name field

WC Vendors Marketplace Email Templates

The email templates allow you to create overrides for your email notifications. These must be located in the following location

  • wp-content/themes/YOURTHEME/woocommerce/emails

The email templates are available in two versions. The HTML versions and the Plain Text versions. Depending on the email option you select in the WooCommerce settings will determine which version of the template you will need to override.

All HTML templates are in the base emails folder while the plain text templates can be found in the ‘plain‘ subfolder of emails.

Template file pathDescription
templates/emails/admin-notify-application.phpNotify marketplace admin of a vendor application
templates/emails/admin-notify-approved.phpNotify the vendor of a canceled order
templates/emails/admin-notify-product.phpNotify marketplace admin of a vendor product submission
templates/emails/admin-notify-shipped.phpNotify marketplace admin of a vendor shipped
templates/emails/customer-notify-shipped.phpNotify the customer the vendor has shipped
templates/emails/vendor-notify-application.phpNotify vendor of their application
templates/emails/vendor-notify-approved.phpNotify vendor their application is approved
templates/emails/vendor-notify-cancelled-order.phpNotify the vendor of a cancelled order
templates/emails/vendor-notify-denied.phpNotify vendor their application is denied
templates/emails/vendor-notify-order.phpNotify the vendor of an order
templates/emails/vendor-order-addresses.phpThe vendor order notification email address template part
templates/emails/vendor-order-details.phpThe vendor order notification email details template part
templates/emails/vendor-order-items.phpThe vendor order notification email items template part
HTML email template files

Frontend templates

The frontend templates are related to the front end of the marketplace in WC Vendors Marketplace.

Template file pathDescription
templates/front/vendor-list.phpThe vendor directory list template
templates/front/vendor-main-header.phpThe main vendor store header
templates/front/vendor-mini-header.phpThe vendor store header shown on the single product page
templates/front/vendor-sold-by.phpThe vendor sold by label template

Orders Templates

The orders templates are all templates related to the vendor order screens.

Template file pathDescription
templates/orders/comments/add-new-comment.phpThe add order note to an order field
templates/orders/comments/existing-comments.phpThe existing order notes template
templates/orders/csv-export.phpThe order csv export template
templates/orders/customer-note/customer-note.phpThe customer note template
templates/orders/orders.phpThe orders page template. The [wcv_orders] shortcode generates this page
templates/orders/table-body.phpThe table body for the order details for the product
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